What’s The Best Headset for Escape From Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov Best HeadsetHow is the Audio in Escape from Tarkov?

Audio is important for most FPS games, but it is vital to Escape from Tarkov. The development team did a great job of capturing high quality sounds for this hardcore online shooter . The sound of footsteps vary depending on what they’re walking on and the speed at which they are walking. Gunshots, explosions, voices, and the environment (wind, rain, doors) are crisp and clearly distinguishable. While in early stages of the game’s development the directional and occlusion audio (sounds made through a wall) needed some work, but with updates they have improved greatly. Being able to decipher where the enemy is by sound alone is a valuable skill in making sure that you escape from Tarkov alive. You need to be able to hear where that Scav is coming from or whether or not that enemy flaker is above you or below you.

What’s The Best Headset for Escape From Tarkov?

When we look at the top streamers we can see that they use a variety of brands, but one of the brands that stands out is HyperX. The HyperX are known as being the best “budget” option on the market, with quality audio and a decent microphone. Arguably the best Escape from Tarkov player (Kotton) uses the HyperX as his headset. It’s light, comfy, and produces directional audio for precision sound.

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A second option is Sennheiser which produces even better quality sound and has a noise-canceling feature. The Sennheiser headset is created with extra padding for extreme comfort during long gaming sessions, but also has an open back to allow air flow. While the Sennheiser is better compared to the HyperX, they are increasingly more expensive.

The Escape from Tarkov Headset You Need!

Both brands are great options for gaming and will provide crystal clear audio in Escape for Tarkov. What Escape from Tarkov headset should you use? It depends on your budget, but while the Sennheiser is better, the HyperX will more than exceed your needs for this game.


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