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#50 – What Gamers REALLY Want

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gamer gift ideas podcast

This is episode number 50 of the HEY YOU VIDEO GAME podcast. This is the weekly gaming podcast of Gimmick and Lemonsmith as they discuss video games, gaming news and trends.

In this episode, the guys are answering the question “What gift should I buy my gamer?” There’s a lot of gift giving right now, and as gamers we wanted to set the record straight by giving a list of the perfect gamer gifts. These are CREATIVE, OUTSIDE THE BOX ideas for your gamer. They’ll love you forever if you get them even one of these things!

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Hey You Video Game podcast, and that you make this your PREMIER gaming podcast. If you want the dudes to talk about something on the podcast HIT US UP. We’re open to talking about anything from Super Smash Brothers to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Post-Modern Politics, but mostly video games. Thanks for listening!

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You’ve arrived! The World’s Best PC Gaming Podcast

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hey you video game podcast adviceWe get it! There are thousands of video game podcasts in the world right now. Every group of 20 year old dudes with a microphone believe that they have what it takes to create a godly gaming podcast. The world is flooded with video game podcasts clamoring on and on and on about the latest and greatest in gaming. This podcast arena is flooded with chumps, and it isn’t easy to weed out that chaff.

That’s why we’re glad you made it here. I’m going to cut to the chase and save the humility for another time. We are HEY YOU VIDEO GAME podcast, and we’re the world’s best PC gaming podcast. Imagine two best friends hand crafting each and every podcast episode to perfection. Two gamers who have been in the trenches of PC gaming for nearly two decades, and have the experience, wit, and humor to talk about it. This is the best damn video game podcast in the universe, and we are so glad you came to join us! 

Go ahead and delete every other scrappy PC gaming podcast, and subscribe to us.

You can find us at all the popular podcast locations or just click here for all of our episodes. I’ve also put a taster that you can click on below.

Listen – I am not here to convince you to listen and subscribe to our podcast. I won’t grovel and beg for you to review us on iTunes. I definitely won’t be pleading for you to tweet, shout out, post, or to share us with your wife, friends, coworkers, dad, and Uber driver.

Instead I’m just going to proclaim a few reasons why the Hey You Video Game Podcast is the best PC gaming podcast around. Read More