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#47 – Super Warcraft Fallout

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Gimmick and Lemonsmith talk about Super Smash Brothers Ultimate discussing the character list. The guys dig into issues with Fallout 76 with bugs and other sketchiness. As always they discuss the latest with Call of Duty’s Blackout Battle Royale Mode. The guys reminiscence on LAN parties with Warcraft 3 and look forward to the upcoming remastered Warcraft 3: Reforged.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Hey You Video Game podcast, and that you make this your PREMIER gaming podcast. If you want the dudes to talk about something on the podcast HIT US UP. We’re open to talking about anything from Super Smash Brothers to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Post-Modern Politics, but mostly video games. Thanks for listening!

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The Complete Dr DisRespect Setup

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dr disrespect gaming setupThe Complete Dr DisRespect Setup

Are you hoping to imitate the Doc and purchase the complete Dr DisRespect setup? This machine is at the tippy top of greatness, and you’ll be glad that you upgraded from your old slow rig. We’ve put together a quick list of Dr DisRespect’s gaming setup. It’s an absolute beast that helps him keep at the pinnacle of his game, and it can help you get there too. Obviously it is his pure athleticism that make him so damn good at gaming, but his setup helps too. Read More