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Episode 21 – Speedrunning

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Colin “EZScape” is a speedrunning content creator who has created multiple in-depth videos on the subject. You can view his content at YouTube by clicking HERE. We’ve got a million questions about speedrunning, because we know just about nothing on the subject. Why do people speedrun? How does speedrunning work? Are their rules to speedrunning? Is it ok to use glitches within games during a speedrun? Colin answers all of our questions and more! Enjoy this speedrunning podcast!

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5 Rocket League Tips for Beginners

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Rocket League Tips for Beginners

I’m late to the train, but Rocket League has stolen my heart. The first time I played the game I took it as a mindless arcade game that lacked depth. After a recent podcast episode with Gimmick I heard the truth about this wonderful game. Rocket League is simple in nature, but hits the competitive itch that many gamers (myself included) need. The steep skill curve to the game truly separates beginners from advanced, and is a joy to learn. Now I’m no Pro at this game, but I’ve put in enough time to learn some tips that will greatly help any Rocket League beginners. Without further ado, here are 5 Rocket League Tips for Beginners…

Rocket League Tip #1

Don’t Chase The Ball Like a Bunch of Children Playing Soccer

As a beginner every fiber inside you will want to rush the ball to get a hit on it. New players will chase the ball around the map like  a needy girlfriend. Train yourself to sit back during moments of the game when a teammate has the ball. Being able to watch the ball from a distance allows you to setup for a goal, a steal, or another power play. Chasing the ball around constantly rarely benefits anyone other than the other team.

Rocket League Tip #2

Practice Your Aerials

The less advanced players keep the ball on the ground, but the true fun and skill in Rocket League comes once you’ve mastered the aerial shots. Take time to play the aerial trainings on the various skill settings, and keep at them until aerial shots become like second nature to you. It’ll take a while for you to get the hang of the ball physics and boost, but once you dial it in you’ll be making sweet shots in no time.  Read More