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#37 – The Gordon Bombay of Fortnite Coaches

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the gordon bombay of fortnite coaches

This week’s podcast of the Hey You Video Game podcast covers topics such as..

  • Is PewDee Pieeeee a good or bad guy?
  • What’s the deal with Fortnite Coaches?
  • Is streaming a responsible way of securing finances for a growing boy?
  • Gimmick’s breathing habits
  • Our thoughts on the survival game SCUM based on the short trailer and gameplay videos that we have seen.

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The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Trailer

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As a huge The Last of Us fanboy I was excited to see the gameplay for the Last of Us Part 2 at E3. It looks as if it’s shaping up to everything that I hope the game would be. My only concern is whether this really is a gameplay video. The actual gameplay looked so smooth, immersive, and life like that my cynical side thought “This can’t be real gameplay!” Just watching Ellie destroy these dudes in an environment that shatters, gets scuffed up, and breaks was a real thrill.

Definitely excited for this game, and doubly so when Naughty Dog shared that Joel is alive and will be part of the game! If this The Last of Us Part II Gameplay is an indicator of how great the game will be…well we’re in for a real treat!

Can’t wait to fight some zombies!

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