Everything You Need for a Dr DisRespect Costume

Dr Disrespect Costume Cosplay GuideDr DisRespect is a legend throughout the streaming community. He’s an avid gamer and streamer on Twitch, and what I like to think of as the patron saint of the PUBG community. He’s aggressive, outlandish, and exciting. It’s no wonder that he has over 2.5 MILLION followers on Twitch, because he is truly entertaining and fun to watch. Personally I enjoy watching him prior to playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds as he pumps me up before I launch into the fray.

So you want to dress up as the DOC and are looking for a great looking, cheap Dr. DisRespect Costume? Well we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need for your Dr. Disrespect cosplay, and where to find it! It’s the perfect costume for a Halloween party or cosplay event.

dr disrespect halloween costumeDr DisRespect Wig & Mustache

dr disrespect costume wig

It’s dark, wild, and impressive. No Dr DisRespect costume would be complete without the hair. It’s all encompassing and threatening at the same time. The mustache alone strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.

If you don’t possess the ability to grow your own wild dark hair you will need to acquire a black mullet wig and dark black mustache to fit the look. These are imperative for your Dr DisRespect costume. Thankfully both of these items can be purchased at a relatively cheap price on Amazon.

dr disrespect mustache costume

View the Dr. Disrespect Hair and Mustache on Amazon 

Dr DisRespect Under Shirt

dr disrespect streamer shirt

The Doc traditionally wears a black long sleeved athletic shirt under his vest. No need to get fancy with this one. If you already own a black long sleeve shirt it’ll do the trick just fine. If you don’t own one you can find a cheap athletic (wicking!) long sleeve online.

Get a Dr. Disrespect Under Shirt for Your Costume at Amazon

Dr DisRespect Vest

It wouldn’t be a Dr. Disrespect costume without his trademark red vest. I would love to know where he got his own red vest, because this thing was hard to track down. I guess it’s what makes him unique. We searched high and low for this thing, and this is only red vest that we could find online. It’s easily the most expensive piece to this cosplay costume. The Doc also occasionally wears a black vest with his trademark patch on it. You could go that route, but the classic Doc look is when he has his red vest on. If you know of another location to find and purchase this vest please let us know in the comments below

Check out the price for Dr DisRespect Vest

The red vest seems to have gone out of stock. I looked all over and couldn’t find it anywhere else. My suggestion if you’re dead set on being the Doc for Halloween is to flip the colors. Purchase a red long sleeve undershirt and get a black vest on Amazon.

Update 2019 – It looks like the exact red vest that the Doc uses is available here! Thank you to you readers who found it and let me know about it!

Dr DisRespect Glasses

dr disrespect sunglasses

The question we’re all asking is what glasses does Dr. DisRespect wear? The answer is obviously that they are HD LCD 1080P Google Prototype Scopes. Unfortunately these glasses are so rare that after scouring and researching we couldn’t find any for sale. With this said, we found a pair of glasses that that are incredibly similar to the Doc’s. Make sure you check the “bright black” glasses option if you follow the link below.

Check Out the Dr Disrespect Sunglasses on Amazon

Dr DisRespect Gloves

dr disrespect cosplay glovesYou can’t skimp on your Dr Disrespect costume! You got to make sure you take care of the details that really flesh out the look. Make sure to get yourself a pair of badass gloves so that you’ll be able to properly grip your mouse.

Buy a pair of gloves for your Dr DisRespect costume on Amazon

Dr DisRespect Pants

dr disrespect pants
How are you going to kick ass and take names without camo pants?! These bad boys are the Doc’s secret weapon. He can hide in the bushes prowling around like a lion without anyone noticing until he’s ready to pounce.

Get Yourself a Pair of Badass Camo Pants on Amazon

Dr DisRespect Headset

What gaming headset does Dr DisRespect use? The headset that he uses regularly as he streams are the turtle beach 600s (Amazon). These puppies cost a pretty penny, but if you have them you’ll be TURBO’D OUT OF YOUR MIND. Our suggestion (if you’re looking for a cheaper option for this costume) is to purchase a regular gaming headset. You could either tuck the cord into the back of your shirt or cut it off. Of course, you could also splurge for a wireless headset. You can find a cheaper headset that will do the trick on Amazon.

We hope that this helped you in your endeavor in creating the perfect Dr DisRespect Costume. With this gear you’ll look the party of the 1993 AND 1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champ, and we hope that you’ll have the gaming athleticism to match the look. Remember to channel your inner Doc while in costume from head to tippity toe.

If you have any suggestions for our list, let us know and we can update this post! In addition – if you’re a huge PUBG fan we have an article on what you’ll need for a PUBG costume too! 


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