Your Guide To Being Terrible at PUBG

PUBG GuideThere’s a thousands guides on how to be a badass PUBG player, but this is the BEST GUIDE ON THE INTERNET for being terrible at PUBG. Drink all your energy drinks, waste all your ammo, and read 40 tips on how to be the absolute worst at Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

  1. Pick up extra meds, ammo, and suppressors and don’t share with your teammates.
  2. Fire shots at an enemy knowing there’s no way in hell you will hit them.
  3. Parachute into Military Base
  4. Try to down an enemy with the glitchy AF melee attack
  5. TK your teammate for their gear.
  6. Promise your teammate that you’re GREAT at driving, take control of the vehicle, and flip it on the first bump you see.
  7. Never call out where the enemy is.
  8. Make sure you don’t own a mic or if you do, make sure NOT to use it.
  9. Flash & Grenade fellow teammates.
  10. Hang out the window while you go over bridge.
  11. Don’t look at the circle timer. It’s pointless, and you can definitely make that run.
  12. Scream, yell, and do whatever you can to be annoying over the mic in lobby.
  13. Wear the red striped shirt. It makes it easy for your teammates to spot you.
  14. Never use the map.
  15. Make a “CHINA is #1” goof or gaff. It’s a real hit!
  16. Never teach yourself how to sight the scopes.
  17. Pay more attention to loot than anything else.
  18. Go for the airdrop all the time, ever time.
  19. Always engage the enemy.
  20. Find a f-shack and camp it.
  21. Leave the doors open
  22. Heal yourself in the open field, standing up.
  23. Blast out of the plane without any warning to your teammates screaming GO GO GO!
  24. Leave all-talk on.
  25. People love being told what to do, so make sure that you’re giving constantly dishing out commands.
  26. Squat in a bush, no one can see you, even if they’re far away.
  27. Pretend you’re evil knievil and hit some sweet jumps on the motorcycle.
  28. Rush into battle, get downed, and scream for your teammates to save you.
  29. Don’t call out the 4x you just found, because you already have one.
  30. Rush to corpses before teammates can get there, loot all the good stuff, and then remark that there wasn’t any good loot on them.
  31. Attempt to kill everyone on the bridge, because that’s how streamers do it.
  32. Listen to music while you play.
  33. Look at Reddit to kill time as the circle closes.
  34. If full auto is an option, it’s the only option for you.
  35. Join a squad game and then leave so that you’re teammates can play down one man.
  36. Swear that you saw an enemy even if you realize that it was only a butterfly.
  37. Miss your shots and blame desync, lag, teammates, glitches, hack.
  38. Cry hacks when you die.
  39. Accidentally fire your gun. Tell your teammates that an enemy is nearby.
  40. Always get to the middle of the circle, because it’s the best strategy 100% of the time.

What tips and tricks would you give so that we can become the absolute WORST at PUBG? Share them in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook! 

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