Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance have a sequel?

There’s no doubt that Kingdom Come: Deliverance was one of the big surprises of 2018’s gaming scene. The action role-playing game developed by Warhorse Studios takes place during a war in the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1403. 

The game has open world mechanics and it’s played in a first person perspective, with a role-playing system. You can level up your stats and get new skills depending on what you do. Depending on your favorite kind of playstyle you can become more of a warrior, thief, bard and more. 

The game received generally favorable reviews, some talked about the similarities between the game and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, claiming that it was a similar experience without the fantastic elements like the dragons and such. And even with the positive reviews, there was something that was common in pretty much all of the reviews: The mention of constant glitches and bugs in the game.

This and some other controversies did lower the score of the game significantly in some game review outlets. Now, with all things considered, the game does have a fanbase, and it is actually a pretty fun game, and there have been rumours about a sequel, but is it possible that they are more than rumours? Well let’s talk about that

The sequel. Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2? Is it possible?

It is definitely possible of course, but not only is it possible, but the developers may also already have hinted it at us, very indirectly through

One of the founders of the Warhorse Studios – Daniel Vávra, posted a couple pictures on his twitter profile about the Kingdom Come: Deliverance team. And while at first sight they just seem to be some very innocent pictures one of them really caught the audience’s attention. 

One of the photos of the art team, apparently, featured some of the guys on the team wearing armors and medieval clothes. And while there seemed to be nothing particularly wrong or weird in this picture, well, at least weirder than the three dudes on armors in the development room. There was a very special object behind one of them: A whiteboard

Now, the whiteboard itself is not important, the key element of the picture is what’s written on it. There was a line that reads “KCD2 – 1506”. This led many fans to believe that it was meant to be a secret message from the developers to hint us that a new Kingdom Come: Deliverance could be set in 1506. 

But there’ s more!

Since the release of this tweet, there has been a post by one of the community managers that there is plans for a Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2! Apparently, it is not planned to be done for some time, but at least they’re thinking about it. You can read the message below…

We will probably have to wait a long time before an official confirmation that it is in development. Let’s remember that the team is still working on some DLC content that still has no release date. And well, they are really still working on fixing some of the bugs of the game. Since the rush out of the game, the team has been in constant work to fix the issues. 

All that’s left now for the fans of the saga is to simply wait and keep their eyes open for any other clues or possible explanation as to what could the KCD2 – 1506 code could mean. Or for an official announcement saying tha team has began to work on the sequel.

In Conclusion…

Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance have a sequel? While there has not been an official announcement by the development company, there has been a hint and forum posting that yes there will be a Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.


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