Will Deadside come to console? (Answered!)

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Deadside has been released on PC via Steam as Early Access in April 2020. It’s a hardcore multiplayer shooter that puts player in a huge open world. The devs created a game that tries to balance the intensity of playing a survival game while also holding onto the dynamics of a shooter. It’s been getting positive reviews on Steam which has many people wondering…

Will Deadside come to console? Currently the Dev team is focusing all of their efforts on the PC version of the game, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it comes to console. X-Box and PS4 players may be in luck, because there may be a day when Deadside is released on these consoles.

During a question and answer segment on Steam the studio that created Deadside (Bad Pixel) said “possibly, but for now we are planning to have a PC version.

So the good news is that there’s a chance that someday console players will be able to play Deadside, but unfortunately it’s not in the near future. In the meantime X-Box, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch players will just have to watch Deadside via Twitch or YouTube.

The Basics of Deadside

The world of Deadside is huge and filled with open spaces, large forests, and abandoned settlements. Players in Deadside will inhabit the 225 square kilometer world that is connected with roads and rivers. The current early access version of the game has limited the area to 25 square kilometers, but the plan is to increase its size as they iron out bugs and kinks.

What makes Deadside so much fun is that there are friendly and hostile NPs throughout the world! At one moment, you’ll find a group of friendly survivors trying to make it in the harsh world. At another time you may come across cannibals who are ready to kill you and turn you into their lunch.

There’s also PVP in Deadside with local voice chat. This allows you to talk with other players in the game and determine whether they are hostile or friendly.

The game looks like it has great potential if the development team continues to push out new content and update the game. For those of you on Console cross your fingers, because there may be a date when you can play Deadside yourself!

…or you could just buy a PC!


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