When will Sonic the Hedgehog be coming to Valorant?

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The fun-loving Sonic the Hedgehog has seen a rise in popularity following its blockbuster movie release in 2020. The comedy starring Jim Carrey and James Marsden had fans simultaneously buckling in laughter and at the edge of their seats in super “Sonic” suspense. While Rotten Tomatoes rates the film at a dismal 64% fans are hoping that Paramount Theater will make a sequel to the film.

But there’s a chance that fans will get to see their little blue boy sooner than expected…

Riot Games has opened beta for their first person shooter Valorant. It’s taken the competitive shooter genre by storm rising in popularity with each passing day. Valorant is a competitive 5v5 shooter that mixes the tactical shooting gameplay of Counterstrike: Global Offensive with unique character abilities as seen in Overwatch.

There are currently 9 agents (characters) that can be played in beta, but Riot Games is promising a total of 12 agents by their summer release.

Which brings us to the question…will Sonic be a playable agent in Valorant?

While data miners haven’t been able to confirm code within the game for Sonic, that doesn’t mean he isn’t on the way.

Fans are speculating that his abilities will be a combination of speed and electricity. They’re also hoping that voice actor Ben Schwartz will continue to voice Sonic for continuity’s sake between Valorant and the Sonic movie.

Some fans are arguing that Sonic has no place in the game, because Jett already has claimed the speed abilities. This could be corrected by giving Sonic three times as much speed, but he’s forced to do a sonic roll that inhibits his vision. Two agents with prominent movement abilities could speed up the slow meta.

All this to say – there isn’t a deadline on Sonic’s release to Valorant, but fingers crossed we’ll have him by official release!

Potential Sonic Voice Lines

I’m Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic’s the name. Speed’s my game.

Long time no see.

Aw, yeah! This is happenin’!


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