Every Single One of Viper’s Voice Lines from Valorant

Viper Agent and her voice lines from Valorant

Viper is Valorant‘s poisonous agent in the popular first-person shooter. Utilizing a number of poisonous chemical abilities to control the map and block the enemy view, she is a powerhouse. If the poison doesn’t kill the enemies, she surely will get in their head.

She has a projectile that dumps poisonous acid on the ground that’ll hurt opponents. In addition, she’s got a toxic gas screen that will block agents and their view. Her ultimate is one of the best ways to keep the spike from being defused. It’s a massive toxic gas cloud that hides her location and highlights any opponents who walk intot it.

Viper is voiced by Ashly Burch. She’s a popular voice actor that has also voiced…

  • Alloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
  • Tiny Tina (Borderlands 2)
  • Chloe Price (Life is Strange)

Here’s the complete list of all of Viper’s voice lines from Valorant the video game.

Viper Voice Lines

Match Start with Enemy Viper

Sabine Sabine, what have you been working on over there? I’m curious, but you don’t need to be alive for me to find out.

I’m coming for you Sabine

Last Kill – Viper

Rest you tired woman.

You choked on your own poison. Tragic.

Round Start with Ally Breach

Do me a favor, Breach. Open them up. Toxin works best when directly injected.

Round Start with Ally Brimstone Breach

Don’t tell me what to do old man. Someone will die no matter how fancy your strategy.

Match Start on Bind Map

The lies we’ve told this city just to pry it open and suck it dry.

Round Start with Ally Cypher

Hunt them down Cypher.

Tell me where they are, Cypher. I’ll take care of the rest.

Round Start with Ally Phoenix

Burn them, Phoenix.

Keep your fire going, Phoenix.

Kill – Cypher

Cypher killed

Kill – Cypher

Phoenix down.

Match win on Venice Map

Venice is gone, but our world stays afloat. I’ll take that trade.

Round Start with Enemy Cypher

Their Cypher might find us. Good, bring them to me.

Round Start with Enemy Phoenix

Fire needs oxygen. Let me replace this Phoenix’s air.

Match Start

Only five of them? Pity I brought enough poison for 50. Can’t say I’m not prepared.

Use my poison to your advantage. I don’t deploy for the kicks.

I wonder if these ones will beg? They all do…after a while.

They call me a monster. Shall I prove them right?

Bodies decompose after 12 hours in acid. There’s no reason I know that.

Let’s take from them what they took from me. Everything.

They are not important. Let’s move through them like smoke through lungs.

Match Lose

I’m still alive. Count your days, vermin.

Treasure your brief victory because I’m coming for you.

Match Win

Hide the bodies. We weren’t here.

You were only in my way.


Ally Ability Cast

Don’t get in my way.

Ability X cast opponents

Welcome to my world!

Match Win – MVP

I am your monster. You made me this way. Never forget that.

You should have begged sooner.

Melee Kill

Not worth the bullets.


Melee Last Kill

Didn’t need a gun for that one.

Nobody Grabbed the Spike

Idiots! The spike. Now!

Someone get the spike.

Round Start

My priorities is their suffering.

I’ll choke their sight.

Make them beg

I hear them scream.

Who to smother first?

Look them in the eyes when you kill them.

Remember, nobody’s a hero when they’re crying for air.

Before Barrier Drops when team doing great

bury them

hold them under.

Before Barrier Drops when team doing poorly as attacker

We will hurt them.

Their hope is their poison.

Before Barrier Drops when team tied with opponents as attacker

Enough playing with our food.

Leave no trace of them.

Before Barrier Drops when team doing great as defender

They keep clawing at our wall. Pathetic.

Hopeless mice

Before Barrier Drops when team doing bad as defender

hurt those who hurt us.

I will not lose my home again.

Before Barrier Drops when team tied with opponents as defender

Keep them back.

Stop their advance.

Basic Viper Saying before Barrier Drops

Let’s Go!

Breathe deep.

Isolate them and kill them.

Isolate and exterminate.

Kill them.

Let’s choke them.


Round Start – Won last round and coming back!

Ohh….it’s personal now.

They had their fun. Now it’s my turn.

Round Start – Won last round and doing great!

They’re in the coffin. Time to bury them.

It’s hard not to play with my food.

Round Start – Won last round

Good work. Keep going.

This is what I live for.

Keep kicking them down.

Some vermin are born to die like rats in a lab.

Barely Survived Death

They think they could kill me?

I won’t be stopped.

Defuse with little time left

I can’t die here.

oh shit. shit. Come on.

Dying here would be…unfortunate

Clutch Play

if you want something done right, do it yourself.

You only thought that was close.

I almost broke a sweat.


It’s sad really.

Poor things.

How demoralizing.

Last Kill – Enemy MVP

That was their best? Pathetic.

Round Start – Match Point

One last push. Let’s make them hurt.

We end them here. We end them forever.

Headshot Kill


What a way to die.


Dead fool.





Put down

Enemy down.




Get out of my way.

one down.

Last Kill

What a way to die!

We’re done here.

You wanted to be a hero, didn’t you?

Defuse Resuming

Annoying fly

Now where was I?

Other Viper Quotes and Sayings

Can’t take anything with us after this. Go for broke.

Let’s rotate!

On my way.

Spike carrier killed.

You wanted a villain. I gave you a villain.

Try to pick them off.

Four down


Fascinating… I must record this feeling.


rush them.

I’m saving.

I’ve dropped the spike

Spike planted

I have the spike.

Spike found.

Taking this point.

I can’t make this easier for them.

Should I use a stick next time?

Three down.

My ultimate is almost ready.

My ultimate isn’t ready.

My ultimate is ready.

Toxin screen down.

Toxins going up.

Poison’s off.

Poison’s orb emitting.

Stay quiet.


A Site

B Site

C Site


Can’t use this.

Can’t use that.

No charges left.

Not enough fuel

No fuel.

Not recharged yet.

Clear this area.

I’m impressed.




Disrupt here

Scout here!

Block vision here




Gun here

Spike is here.

On my mark.

Watching this location.

push now.



thank you


Multiple enemies spotted.

Enemy spotted.

Going A

Going B

Going C

heading mid

going mid

get back!

Funds to spare.

Need a loan?

I have funds to spare

anyone have funds to spare?

I need aid.

Spike diffused

No need for this.

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