Everything You Need for A Valorant Phoenix Costume

Valorant beta is out and it’s taking the first person shooter genre by storm! People are comparing it to a hybrid of CounterStrike and Overwatch. With precise shooting and abilities the game is an absolute blast to play. It’s a game that rewards skill over luck, and it is guaranteed to move into the eSport arena.

Valorant currently has 9 playable agents (characters) that a player can choose from. One of the fiery agents is named Phoenix. Using fire abilities Phoenix is able to blind, block off, and burn opponents. This valorant agent is a powerhouse that utilized correctly can dominate the enemy team.

Are you hoping to go to a convention and want to dress in Phoenix Cosplay? Do you want to be the talk of the Halloween party by wearing a Phoenix costume? In this article, we”ll lay out the cheap and easy costume pieces you’ll need to dress up as Phoenix from the video game Valorant.

What You Need for Valorant Phoenix Costume

Phoenix’s White Jacket (Amazon)

Black Pants (Amazon)

Dark Shirt (Amazon)

Sturdy Dark Boots (Amazon)

Utility Belt (Amazon)

Gun (Similar to The Sheriff) (Amazon)

If you have dark hair like Phoenix than you should consider getting a can of color hair spray and making the very top yellow. If you really want to go all in you could bleach the top, but that’d be a more permanent hair change.

He also wears what looks like a gold ring on the pointer finger of his left hand. If you have a ring that fits that finger you should put it on.

That’s about it! If you can think of a way to imitate fire you could hold something in your hands to mimic his abilities. I wouldn’t recommend configuring a way to actually shoot fire out of your hands, because well…that sounds incredibly dangerous.

The best part of most of this costume is that you may already have some of this in your closet, and if not it’s cheap to get the remaining pieces. Secondly, all of his clothes can be worn on a normal day if that’s your style. I hope your Phoenix costume turns out great!


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