Complete List of Jett’s Voice Lines from Valorant

Jett is arguably one of the better agents in Valorant as she has great maneuverability. She can quickly navigate through an area with her tailwind and updraft ability, and use cloudburst to give cover. She’s not only quick on her feet, but also in personality.

She’s got a lot of sass, and is voiced by Shannon Williams. Here’s a complete list of Jett’s voice lines from the game. As you’ll see many of these voice lines will only be heard during specific situations within the game.

Jett Voice Lines

Match Start with Ally Phoenix

Hey Phoenix. If I die? Viking funeral. All the way

Round Start with Ally Phoenix

Don’t mess up that pretty face Phoenix.

Where’s that smile Phoenix?

Last Kill – Phoenix

Oh sorry. Pretty boy.

Match Start with Ally Brimstone

Yo brimstone. You know the drill. Just show me where to go.

Match Start with Enemy Jett

I know your tricks wind girl. You’re not faster than me.

Round Start with Ally Cypher

Cypher just tell me where they are. I’ll do the rest

Round Start with Ally Breach

Breach my man!

Round Start with Enemy Breach

Watch out for Breach’s impacts. It’s hard to move after that.

Round Start with Enemy Sage

C’mon Guys! Take out their healer it’s super annoying to kill people twice.

Her slow fields are so annoying.

Round Start with Ally Sage

Keep those heals comin’

Last Kill – Jett

No way! We’re the same!

Round Start with Ally Viper

Viper. Be careful with that gas.

Round Start with enemy Brimstone

You better hide old man.

Round Start with enemy Sova

You better run Sova.

Kill enemy Jett

Clone killed.

Kill enemy Sage

Healer down.

Match Start on Venice

(Sigh) I hate that people think Venice is my fault.

Melee Kill

Oh no.


Last Kill with melee

Don’t stress, I’m super quiet.

Last Kill

Last one down

There you are you little shit.

There you are!

You? Outrun me?



Stay down!

One down!

See Ya!




Enemy killed.

Last Kill enemy MVP

Looks like I was the stronger one.

No one picked up the spike

Guys come on! The spike!

Annnnd the spike’s still in base.

Match Start

Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding…you know you can’t keep up.

Ha! Who are you all? The cleanup crew?

I would make fun of their dumb faces but they’re us! Heh! We look stupid.

Barely Survives

Dying would have sucked.

Resume a defuse

Awww at least they tried.

Aww they tried.


Be faster!


Your fault.


Nailed them.

Flawless Victory

Wow so embarrassing.

Ha! We crushed them.

(Laughing) You’re terrible.

Round Start Match Point

Oh look. They’re desperate.

Let’s end this.



Get out.

Heh. Oh wow you guys suck.

Enemy – X Cast

Get out of my way!

Ally – X Cast

Watch this.


I could not have made that easier.

Round Start

Woo! we got this.

I got your backs. Just…you know… from the front.

Wind. Show me where to go.

This place is nice. Let’s take it.

We got a pick. We move in. Got it?

Let’s get these idiots/




You should’ve seen your faces!

Match Win

Too easy.

I’m bored. Let’s go.

Was that supposed to be a fight?

Match Win as MVP

Oh my back hurts! Everyone’s so heavy.

What would you all do without me?

Last Round at Half as Attackers

We lose everything after this. Spend it.

Last Round at Half as Defenders

Use everything you have. We lose it anyway.

Defused Spike

Oh was that important?

Defuse Potentially Out of Time

This is nothing. This is nothing.

Before Barrier Drops if Doing Good as Attacker

Keep it up. You can’t catch us.

Do it again.

Before Barrier Drops if Not Performing Good as Attacker

They’re not better than me.

Let’s crack them open.

Before Barrier Drops if Even with enemy team as Attacker

Let’s take what they have.

Even fight? That’s fun.

Before Barrier Drops if Doing Good as Defender

Are they asleep?

Good work! Don’t screw it up.

Time to mix things up.

Let’s take at least one down with us.

Before Barrier Drops if Even with enemy team as Defender

This is our home. Keep them out.

Hold those angles.

Seconds Before Barrier Drops

Keep up.

Let’s go.

Let’s fly.

Stay safe.

Round Start – Won previous round and coming back

Yeah! Let’s bring it back.

Finally. This is how I like to win.

Round Start – Won previous round and doing great

They’re supposed to be fighting back right?

Damn right we’re crushing it!

Round Start – Won previous round

Keep it up. Screw up and they’re on us.

Let’s blow them over.

Triple Kill


Quad Kill


Other Sayings

Pick them off.



Rush them

I’m gonna save.

Spike dropped.

Spike planted.

I got the Spike.

Spike spotted.

I’ll take point.

My ults almost ready.

Give me those back.

My ult’s not ready

My ult’s ready.

on my way

Our Spike carrier is killed

Need a drop.

Need healing.

Let’s rotate

I have extra money if anyone needs.

Going A

Going B

Going C

Going Mid

Clear this area.

Good work



Hold on.

Disrupt here

Scout here

BLOCK vision here.




Gun her

spikes here

on my mark

watching here




I can’t use that.

No charges left.

I got to wait.


Blocking Site



Multiple enemy spotted

enemy spotted


I’m buying

A site

B site

C site


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