Episode 15 – The Last of Us II, Destiny 2 DLC, and Candy

last of us 2 trailer

Halloween just happened, the guys are busy, but not too busy to talk about video games! The new Last of Us Part 2 teaser has been released, and we’re wondering if the violence is too much. If you’re a regular listener, we’re open to video game related questions (serious or goof) to answer on the podcast. We’re also open to topic ideas. You can contact us on Twitter, the comments below, or on Facebook.

The Last of Us Part 2 Podcast Show Notes

– Our Halloween Experience dealing with kids and candy.

-There’s a new The Last of Us II Teaser released and it’s BRUTAL. Does the violence make sense for this game or is it merely because violence sells? (start at 5m 35sec)

-How soon is too soon for DLC? In light of Destiny 2’s announcement of DLC coming on December 5th (3 months after the game’s release) is this just a cash grab? How should game developers go about releasing new content? (start at 25min)

-Virindi Puppet gives an update on where Escape from Tarkov is currently at.

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