The Last of Us Gift Guide For Friends of Joel and Ellie

The Last of Us Gift Ideas for People who love EllieDo you remember how sad you were when The Last of Us ended? After hours of surviving as a team your new best friends were suddenly gone forever. The banter, the jokes, and close calls with infected were done forever. The only good thing is that the story isn’t over, and that TLOU2 is on the way. We here at HEY YOU VIDEO GAME! are waiting patiently for it’s arrival, but in the meantime we put together a list of must-have merchandise for you or a gift for the Last of Us fan in your life.

1. This Awesome Backpack that’s Just Like The One Ellie Had

Be as cool and hip as Ellie with this backpack. It’s a usable replica of the backpack that carried all her survival gear. Sorry it doesn’t come with bricks, firefly pendants, or joke books.

Buy this Backpack on

2. Ridiculously Cool Comic Book Series on The Last of Us

great gift ideas for fans of the last of usThe comic book The Last of Us: American Dreams is a prelude story to the game.

The story is set before Joel arrives, and helps flesh out the relationship between Ellie and Marlene. In addition, the story shows the beginning of Ellie’s friendship with Riley. It’s a beautifully drawn comic that will add more depth to the Last of Us universe.

Get a Copy of the The Last of Us: American Dreams

3. Show Off Your Love for TLOU Hang a Poster In Your Gaming Room’

poster the last of us gift for a wallThis 24″ by 36″ poster  is perfect for someone to put wherever they game. People hang posters of their favorite bands, but why not a poster of their favorite video game?

Get This Poster from

4. These Super Fun (and can we say cute?) Figurines

Joel and Ellie Gifts for people

These 3″ vinyl figures of Joel and Ellie are wonderful. Joel looks like he’s about to brick a clicker, and Ellie has a look of worry. Any fan of The Last of Us would enjoy these.

Pick up These Figurines Here

5. This iPhone Case of Ellie and Joel

Last of us Phone case gift ideaBring Ellie and Joel wherever you go! Well, as long as you have your phone with you. 🙂

Get this iPhone Case Here.

6. This OMG! It’s So CUTE! Plush Giraffe

the last of us giraffe is so cute

I can’t see a giraffe without thinking of the beautiful scene in The Last of Us that had them roaming through the city. Grab this cute giraffe as a reminder that there’s good in this world.

Get the Stuffed Giraffe at

7. Rep Your Favorite Game With This Great T-Shirt

tshirt of the last of us video gameThis well designed T-Shirt will let others know that you’re truly a true fan of The Last of us. It looks good, you’ll look good, win-win all around.

Get This T-Shirt off of

8. Ellie’s Tattoo! Don’t Worry It’s Temporary!

the last of us tattoo present for a friendIn The Last of Us 2 you get a quick clip of Ellie playing the guitar, and you can see that she has a tattoo on her arm. Not wanting to get the permanent tattoo…yet? Have fun with this one!

Purchase this temporary tattoo at

9. This Freaking Awesome Silk Poster

This 24″ by 36″ silk fabric poster is everything we want and more.

Pick up this Silk Fabric Poster Here.

10. Another Classic Naughty Dog Game – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

uncharted gift ideaNaughty Dog is the company who created the beloved The Last of Us game, and they’re also the creator the Uncharted video game series. If you (or a friend) loved The Last of Us you’ll get a kick out of their newest Uncharted game. It has a very similar game play, but the feel of the game is much less dark (no infected, clickers, zombie-ish characters).

Grab a copy of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

11. Listen to the Sweet Sweet Music of the Last of Us on Vinyl

The last of us Vinyl soundtrack

Isn’t the music of the Last of Us incredible? Personally I listen to the music of Gustavo Santaolalla on Spotify, but if you really want to hear the nuances of the soundtrack you can get this vinyl.

Pick up a vinyl of Gustavo Santaolalla’s The last of Us Music Here

12. The Art Book That Your Coffee Table Needs

the art of the last of us book

Get this item as a gift, because any true fan of The Last of Us will appreciate it! The art of The Last of Us is so good, and it deserves to be shown off. This book shows concept art, landscapes, and character design. Naughty Dog outdid themselves with this game.

Purchase The Art of the Last of Us Here

13. Be Prepared for the Worst. An Urban Survival Bug Out Bag for Two

survival kit in the last of usJoel left his home immediately when the infection hit. There wasn’t time to pack, but you can be ready. This Survival Bag has food and supplies for two people. When your neighbor turns infected and you’ve got to rush out of the home you can now be prepared.

Get Prepared and Purchase This Urban Survival Backpack w/Gear on

14. This Rad Design of Ellie Hunting T-Shirt

ellie hunting with bow

This is the perfect The Last of Us Gift for the fashion minded. Not only was this a fun moment in the Last of Us game, but it looks awesome on a T-Shirt.

Buy This Last of Us Gift Here

15. Be a Badass like Ellie and Get This Starter Archery Kit

the last of us archery kit

One of the best memories I have from The Last of Us is playing as Ellie with her bow. It was fun hunting the caribou, and even more fun killing infected with it. Any The Last of Us Fan will appreciate receiving a starter archery kit so that they can be as badass as Ellie.

Check out the Starter Archery Kit to Be Like Ellie Here

16. This Plush Brick.

brick infected with this toyYou won’t be hurting anyone with this thing, but this gift is sure to give any TLOU player a laugh or two.

Literally Pick Up This Brick from Amazon.Com

17. Join the Fireflies and Wear This Hat

The Last of Us FirefliesThe Fireflies would never wear a hat like this, because it’d be a target. You can still be cool and wear this hat with their logo on it though.

Grab a Hat Here.

18. Learn How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse With This Book

Surviving Zombies Gift IdeaThis book will give you the information you need for when the world becomes infected. It covers tactics, defense strategies, long-term sieges, and locations that are perfect for holding out in. Joel and Ellie should be co-authors of this book.

Get Educated on the Zombie Apocalypse. Buy This book.

19. Join the Firefly Resistance and RISE up with This T-Shirt

Marlene had such high hopes for the Fireflies and humanity, but she didn’t know the depths of Joel’s love for Ellie. Join the upRISING with this fun t-shirt.

Purchase This T-Shirt at Amazon.Com

20. This The Last of Us Gift Says It All. A Joke Book

Ellie's Jokes from the Last of Us video gameEllie has a whole collection of terribly bad jokes (or amazing if you like super punny jokes). Ellie says at one moment, “I used to be addicted to soap, but I’m clean now.” Memorize a few jokes of your own with this joke book.

Make Others Laugh Like Joel With This Joke Book.

21. Take Notes With This Last of Us Journal

the last of us video game gift idea of journal

Take notes on your adventures with this The Last of Us Themed Journal. Open it up and scribble down ideas, thoughts, and notes.

Get It at

We hope that this The Last of Us Gift Guide Helps You Find the Perfect Gift for the TLOU fan in your life! Or maybe, you just saw a few things that you need to pick up for yourself!


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