The Best Way to get Planks in Raft

Raft is a fun survival game that has you out on the open sea trying to survive. You’ll need to build up your raft, craft tools, grow food, and fight sharks to progress through the game and if you don’t manage…well, you die.

One of the tactics that will help you find success as you voyage across the sea is by getting as many planks as possible. You’ll find that by focusing on acquiring planks in the early game will help you in the future.

A brief introduction on planks:

Planks are one of the main and most basic materials in Raft. They’re integral in crafting many of the things you will need to survive in this game. The good news is that planks can be found in a few different places. Planks can be found in ocean debris (flotsam), barrels, and by chopping down trees. As you can see in the image above – planks are brown and randomly can be found floating by.

What is the best way to get planks?

Follow this technique and you’ll be swimming in planks! Here’s the best way to get them.

At the start of the game make sure to focus on making lots of collection nets. Collection nets will automatically catch things that randomly float by your raft including planks! They’ll also bring in leaves, plastic, and stone/scrap from barrels.

You really should have as many as you can fit on your raft by extending them as far away from the center of your raft so you can increase their coverage.

By having a multitude of collection nets you’ll continue to acquire lots of planks throughout the game and not have to worry about grinding for them later. Collection nets are the best way to get planks in Raft the survival game.

Another Method to Get Planks

  • Tree Harvesting – You can always cut down trees to get more planks. Some people will even start a tree farm and will cut them down as they grow. While this can be a good way to get a quick supply of planks it’s not as effective as the constant supply from collection nets.

This is our guide to get planks in Raft! Do you have suggestions on the best way to place collection nets on a raft? Or do you have a strategy for gathering a lot of planks really quick? Put them in the comments below!


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