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It’s no secret that we here at Hey You Video Game! love the first person shooter Escape from Tarkov. We have created videos, podcast episodes, and even a resource page for the game. The game is unique, fun, and deserves the love. Promoting the game is one of our passions, but we are not the only ones doing this work. Every week there are streamers playing Escape from Tarkov building the EFT community. Today we would like to highlight one of these streamers: HazeZer0ed.


Escape from Tarkov Twitch Highlight
Haze can be found on Twitter and Twitch. He’s a Hawaiian who streams mostly Escape from Tarkov with the occasional PUBG, and could be found most days of the week playing. We wanted to ask Haze a few questions about Escape from Tarkov and streaming. Here’s the interview…


What do you find appealing about Escape from Tarkov?
A few things draw me into the game off the top of my head, such as the in depth weapon modification as well as the in depth weapon mechanics and animations. Other things that captured my attention and appealed to me was the large squad gameplay, both fighting with and against. In my opinion the harder task is fighting with a big group rather than against it and I also feel its a lot more rewarding and you get the sense that the game will impress you with further down the line when more content is added. There are also a lot of modding opportunities and it would be unfortunate for the developers to not open it up after maybe a year or so after official game release but thats too far to even know where the game will stand by then.

What are your hopes for Escape from Tarkov?
I hope that the devs stick to the current path as well as listens to the community and larger content creators who have supported the game since the beginning. I hope that we see hideouts, the other 6 and a half maps, open world as well as questing all within beta at a steady progression without long patches that consist of the same old content with bugs that constantly kill player base and kill player morale. The beta launch was terrible and I hope to never get stuck in a patch such as that again. There is so much potential in the game, I can only look forward in excitement because of all to come.


What motivates you to continue streaming?
For me personally, My chat is the only thing that keeps me going in this current patch, but also because i’d like to stay on my game and progress as a player. When arenas come out I’d like to be known as one of the best and I think I have had a pretty good reputation so far, but with arenas I’d actually be able to prove it. I also keep playing because I fully support the devs and BSG and would like to see the game fully functional at release. Bug reports and finding exploits are something alpha testers are great at and I will continue to do so in beta.


Check out HazeZer0ed on Twitch! You can see his gaming setup here. We’re grateful for streamers like him who want this game to continue to develop!


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