6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Slime Rancher

Starting Slime RancherI am hooked on Slime Rancher! After playing stressful first person shooters that make my heart beat a million times a minute I needed a more relaxing (not boring!) game. I came across Slime Rancher, and tried the free demo before quickly purchasing the game. Not only is this a relaxing game, but it’s incredibly engaging and fun! After playing for a day here are six things I wish I knew before starting Slime Rancher.

1. That the “ocean” is not really water. It’s the rotting corpses of millions of cute slimes. Sorry to ruin that pristine ocean view  for you.

2. The massive Slimes (i.e. Gordo) are not bosses to be killed, but super hungry Slimes that want to EAT. Feed those suckers, because when their belly gets too full they’ll die of happiness and trust me, it’s a win-win for everyone.

3. You can upgrade your corral with a plot collector. This upgrade will suck out all the plorts in your corral and store them in a container on the corner of the corral. I don’t know why this took me so long, but you must use your vac to suck the plorts out of the storage. I’m probably just an idiot, but I wish I had known how to do this before I spent five minutes trying every other button on my keyboard.

4. These scary nightmare slimes are called Tarr, and good news! They can be defeated. slime rancher how to kill bad slimesThere’s special eery music that accompanies the Tarr and my first encounter with them was frightening. They stretch out arms and eat all the other slimes in the area! They’re incredibly hostile, and will attack on sight. They reminded me of the “nothing” from The Neverending Story novel. When I began Slime Rancher I would run away from the Tarr whenever I saw them, but now I know they can be combated.

  • Chuck them into the “ocean” (remember what it really is!)
  • Purchase an incinerator for a plot on your ranch and toast those suckers.
  • Spray them with water that you get from geysers or ponds.
  • Toss them into a pond.

5. Slimes can’t die from starvation, but they’ll be very upset and hungry! You don’t want your slimes to be upset do you?

6. The big question I had as I explored was – What Happens When I Die? I did not want to test the theory, but it did come around naturally when I jumped across a chasm a little too short. What happens when you die in Slime Rancher? You respawn back at your ranch, lose everything in your inventory slot, and fall asleep for a full day which means your slimes will be hungry!

Those are the six things I wish I knew before starting Slime Rancher. What do you wish you knew before starting the game? Put it in the comments below or join us in the Facebook discussion!


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