Episode 12 – Scary Video Games and Loot Boxes

scary gamesIt’s October and Halloween is on its way! The boys decided to tackle the scariest topic in the gaming industry! It’s all about scary video games and loot boxes. There are some seriously frightening games on the market that’ll make you want to scream. Each one of the guys has a different perspective on what’s scary, but they share the games that spooked them. The end of the podcast is on the great loot box debate. With the upcoming release of Shadow of War and Battlefront II we’re seeing a whole new wave of pay-to-win in gaming.

The Scary Video Game & Loot Boxes Podcast Show Notes

  • Halloween is around the corner, and Puppet has an interesting story of meeting a festive Spider. (2m 52s)
  • Gimmick and his wife are thinking of dressing like Ethan and Hila. Lemonsmith might be Lunk.
  • The Double Chin Photo of H3H3. (4m 32s)
  • A Discussion about the Anonymous Goose Game (10m 25s)
  • Amnesia Video Game (15m 25s)
  • How Creepy the Half Life 1 and 2 Games Were (19m 37s)
  • Gimmick and Lemonsmith are HOOKED on Dying Light. They give a review of the zombie shooter. (32m)
  • Are loot boxes good for gaming? Is purchasing loot boxes a form of gambling? The boys talk through the great loot box debate. (46m 55s)
  • Other games discussed during this episode include Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid V, The Last of Us, Left 4 Dead 2, and more!

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