PUBG Grenade Tips To Blast Your Way To #1

PUBG Grenade GuidePlayerunknown’s Battlegrounds is taking the gaming world by storm and rightfully so. The shooter is the perfect blend of strategy, RNG, and skill making for an addictive game that’s hard to walk away from. While most fighting is a gun fight a properly placed grenade can help you achieve victory. Here are a few PUBG grenade tips that can help you in the fight.

PUBG Grenade Tips

1. The frag grenade is useful when enemies are hiding behind trees, walls, or other obstacles. Toss the grenade behind that rock and watch the enemy scramble for safety or go KABOOM! It will do damage in the small area surrounding where it lands. It is useful for securing a kill or flushing an enemy out.

2. The grenades in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will work underwater. It’s near impossible to kill a swimming enemy with bullets. An accurately thrown grenade will kill a player who is submerged underwater. Pull out those grenades and start fishing!

3. All grenades are on a 5 second timer (smoke, frag, stun). If you press and hold left click mouse button you can “cook” the grenade, but remember to do a mental countdown or it will explode in your hand.

4. If you pull out a grenade and yank it’s pin it will explode if you hold it in your hand AND even if you switch weapons. The only solution is to throw the grenade or by quickly opening your inventory and placing the grenade from the grenade slot on the bottom right to the storage spot on the left.

5. Frag grenades are great for clearing the inside of buildings, but have a smaller area of effect compared to stun grenades. The closer you place a frag grenade to an enemy the more damage it will do. A perfectly placed throw that directly hits an enemy will result in a kill.

6. Be careful if you’re in a small enclosed area (or near tree branches), because grenades are notorious for bouncing off of objects. The last thing you want is for your grenade to come flying back at you!

7. Grenades can be rolled with an under arm throw by holding the left mouse button and then clicking the right mouse button.

8. It is possible to jump further than normal by running away from a grenade and jumping as it explodes. This is a dangerous technique that can only be beneficial in rare situations. Feel free to try it, but there’s a 90% chance that you will blow yourself up!

9. The damage dealt by a grenade isn’t hindered by the vest or helmet that an enemy is wearing.

10. Grenades can be thrown through glass window. They will break through but make sure that the windows are not barred, because it will hit the bars and bounce back.

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