Post Scriptum | How to call in Air Support?

Are you new to the WW2 shooter Post Scriptum? It’s a blast of a game, but can be a little overwhelming for new players. Thankfully there are plenty of guides to help you get started. In this article, I’ll explain how to call in air support as the Platoon Commander.

Guide to Calling in Air Support in Post Scriptum

To call in any type of support (artillery or air) you must be Platoon Commander. Other classes cannot call in support.

Place yourself close to a radio.

Whether it’s the main base, a fob, or the command jeep all of them will have an active radio that can be utilized. You’ll be able to hear radio chatter once you’re near them. You can locate the command jeep by looking at your map and looking for the star symbol.

Open the Command Map

This can be accessed by pressing the “enter” key. Remember if you’re not close enough to a radio you won’t be able to call in air support. This map is different than the regular map.

Place where Support Should Go

With the map open you’ll want to right click on the location of the map where you’d like to unleash artillery or drop in support for your teammates. When you right click you’ll be able to select whatever option you desire.

For artillery you’ll be given different options to choose the range spacing of each individual artillery shot and how many shots you’d like. For air support you can move the needle of the thing that looks like a compass to adjust which direction the airplane will come in from.

That’s It! Enjoy Blowing up the Enemy Team!

That’s the basic way to deploy artillery or air support on the WW2 shooter Post Scriptum. I hope this tutorial allows you to get your team the support needed to win on the battlefield.


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