Episode 13 – PC vs. Consoles, Gaming Politics

pc vs. consolesIt’s only Virindi Puppet and Lemonsmith on the show today as Gimmick is busy putting the finale touches on his gaming den. All three of the boys are excited for the project to get finished, because it means LAN parties are coming back! Puppet and Lemon discuss the glory days of streaming LAN parties on Twitch. They talk about the politics found within gaming communities, a brief bit on Destiny 2, and why all of the HYVG squad prefers PC over consoles

The PC vs. Console Podcast Show Notes

  • The benefit and joy of having your own personal space to game, stream, and LAN.
  • The politics within different games (4m 55s)
  • The huge player made political betrayal that recently happened in Eve Online. (7m55s) Source
  • Why the games are primarily PC players, why Puppet hates PC Master race language(9m 55s)
  • The story of the guy who had to choose a real business or becoming a great guild leader in the virtual world!
  • If you have any topics that you want us to hit on, feedback, or questions for the dudes send us an email, tweet, or c moment below!

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