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hey you video game podcast adviceWe get it! There are thousands of video game podcasts in the world right now. Every group of 20 year old dudes with a microphone believe that they have what it takes to create a godly gaming podcast. The world is flooded with video game podcasts clamoring on and on and on about the latest and greatest in gaming. This podcast arena is flooded with chumps, and it isn’t easy to weed out that chaff.

That’s why we’re glad you made it here. I’m going to cut to the chase and save the humility for another time. We are HEY YOU VIDEO GAME podcast, and we’re the world’s best PC gaming podcast. Imagine two best friends hand crafting each and every podcast episode to perfection. Two gamers who have been in the trenches of PC gaming for nearly two decades, and have the experience, wit, and humor to talk about it. This is the best damn video game podcast in the universe, and we are so glad you came to join us! 

Go ahead and delete every other scrappy PC gaming podcast, and subscribe to us.

You can find us at all the popular podcast locations or just click here for all of our episodes. I’ve also put a taster that you can click on below.

Listen – I am not here to convince you to listen and subscribe to our podcast. I won’t grovel and beg for you to review us on iTunes. I definitely won’t be pleading for you to tweet, shout out, post, or to share us with your wife, friends, coworkers, dad, and Uber driver.

Instead I’m just going to proclaim a few reasons why the Hey You Video Game Podcast is the best PC gaming podcast around.

We Have Perfect Hearing

Gimmick and Lemonsmith (we’re the hosts!) have 100% hearing. When we are sound engineering each episode we are able to fine tune the distress, audio glitches, and fragments to absolute perfection. This means that every single episode will be like hot butter sauce running into your ears.

Gimmick has played 10,000 hours of CounterStrike

Counterstrike is still one of the premier eSport games, and has been around for years. Gimmick was practically born in the counterstrike world learning how to walk and speak english in de_dust. Yes, you’ve heard that right. I didn’t say Dust 2, but the original Dust map. Gimmick is to gaming as Elvis was to rock n’ roll.

We Could be Hosting Saturday Night Live, but We Chose the Gaming Podcast Life

We are the funniest people we know. Just the other day Lemonsmith put together a sketch about “draining the swamp” with a Shrek appearance that would have you LOLLING and ROLLING. I mean – we are two funny dudes! Our PC gaming podcast not only will make you rethink everything you know about video games, but it will make you laugh until you puke. What more could you want?

PC > Console AMIRITE?!

Video games were meant to be played with mouse and keyboard. What does a console do better than PC? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. PC has better graphics, better control, better titles, and the ability to mod. Who doesn’t want to mod Skyrim so that the dragons are Thomas the Train?

Lemonsmith Once Stayed Up all Night Listening to Techno in Alterac Valley

All night he gathered the rams to attack the horde. The violent techno beat kept his weary eyes focused as he gathered, gathered, gathered. Finally at 3am his mission was complete and the rams took off building much needed momentum for the Alliance. It was a battle for the ages and will be remembered in WoW lore for centuries to come.

Other PC Gaming Podcasts Don’t Ramble Enough!

One of the shiny badges that we hold says “Masters of Rambling.” Have you ever listened to other video game podcasts and thought, “They just keep rambling!” We’ve been there too, and that’s why we mastered the art of the ramble. When you start thinking that we’re rambling too long, buckle up, because we’re just getting started. We can talk for hours about politics, shampoo products, stereotyping bro culture, and the weather. Trust us! We can ramble like none other.

Gimmick Rages Harder Than Anyone You’ve Ever Met

If you think I am talking about partying than you’re mistaken. Gimmick has a knack for raging over video games. Have you ever met someone online who has a tendency to rage quit? Gimmick doesn’t have a tendency, it’s a condition. Don’t believe me? Check out this YouTube video of him above. If you think this us isolated to one game than you’re wrong. He gets this way on Call of Duty, Stardew Valley, Candy Crush, Minesweeper, or while eating a sandwich.

The Hey You Video Game Podcast has a perfect bead on PC Gaming

We won’t tell our secret, but we are constantly up to date on the world of PC Gaming. With inside sources throughout the gaming industry we are able to know exactly what is happening in the world of PC gaming. Where you surprised to hear that Half Life 3 is being released in 2019? We weren’t.

 Turned Down an Interview w/Bill Gates, because he didn’t know what a “Tower Defense” was.

PC Gaming Podcasts have been begging Gates to come on their show for an interview. The Hey You Video Game podcast had an exclusive interview with the granddaddy of the personal computer, but he didn’t pass our mandatary gaming test. Who doesn’t know what a tower defense is? We are very disappointed in you Bill.

In Conclusion…

The Hey You Video Game Podcast is the PC gaming podcast for you. Stop what you’re doing right this second, and give your ear holes a treat. Gimmick and Lemonsmith will revolutionize the way you think about PC gaming with their 60 minute episodes. You’ll be laughing, you will be crying, and you’ll want to listen to MORE MORE MORE!



Lemon's the optimist at Hey You Video Game! Not even lag, bad game mechanics, or RNG can get him mad. Lemonsmith's favorite video games are The Last of Us, PUBG, Apex Legends, and Donkey Kong Country.

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