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#54 – Gamestop’s Big Comeback

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gamestop store podcast

Well if you haven’t heard the news…Gamestop the video game retail store is nosediving. It’s 2019 and it turns out that people are buying less physical copies of video games than ever before. In this episode of our gaming podcast we lay out a detailed plan on how Gamestop can turn around, and become a thriving business in the new age.

In terms of games: Gimmick and Lemonsmith talk about The Division 2, Destiny 2, PUBG, Twilight Princess, and more.

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Gamer Grub For Those Who Want to Die Young

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You’re preparing for a night (or long weekend) of gaming, and you want to make sure you’ve got the right food to keep you strong. We’ve put together a list of gamer grub that you will guarantee enjoy, but will certainly take a few years off your life. We know that this list isn’t the healthiest, but damn you’re going to enjoy these little treats.

Cheez Its

They are the perfect snack, because they are delicious and perfect to munch on. The more Cheez Its you eat the more cheesy they get. Two words of warnings! First – don’t eat these things too recklessly as the sharp edges can shred your mouth. Secondly – they can be crack and crumble. If you are a PC Gamer you’ll want to make sure not to let the crumbs drop onto your keyboard. Keep safe out there! Read More