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#39 – SCUM

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scum gameWelcome to your favorite gaming podcast! Your best friends had a grew time recording this episode of the HEY YOU VIDEO GAME! podcast, and we hope you’ll enjoy it. Here’s a summary of the meal.

SCUM. The $20 survival game SCUM (Society can’t understand me) is out for early access. We put in our due diligence and watched hours of streams, videos, and reviews to give our thoughts on the game. Spoiler – we didn’t hate it.

BAD NEWS BATTLE ROYALE  – Lemonsmith drops a few bombs on the group related to the Call of Duty Battle Royale and Battlefield BR game. Let’s just say the news isn’t good. Hopefully changes are made and someone gets a clue. We really need a polished BR game that isn’t constructioNITE or desync PUBG. Please Dice! Help us!

Choices within Game Narratives. There are games like Stardew Valley, Mass Effect, Witcher, and Fable that require you to make choices that impact the narrative of the game. You can be a good guy or a bad person? What do you naturally lean towards while playing a game?

The Mythical 2 Hour Stream. Is it possible to have a highly produced two hour stream that brings in millions of viewers? Lemonsmith thinks so. Virindi Puppet and Gimmick are unsure, but the boys talk about this fantastical possibility.

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Everything You Need to Know about Toxic Gaming Culture

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toxic gaming communitiesIf you have played any multiplayer video games online there is a good chance that you’ve had an encounter with a toxic player. We’ve all had those situations where we’ve fired up our game to enjoy a fun session only to be harassed and bothered by a toxic player. Toxic gaming culture seems to be on the rise with more gaming allowing for online multiplayer interactions. It would be surprising if an online gamer had never had an experience with a toxic player.

By toxic I am referring to any individual you meet in a video game who abuses and harasses other players. Perhaps they’re also engaging in activities in game that ruin the gameplay for all involved. This can include exploits, cheats, intentional team killing, and purposely losing matches. 

Have you ever been purposely killed by a teammate for no reason? You just encountered a toxic player! Someone shout bigoted, sexist, or racist slurs at you? You spotted a toxic player! Did you just listen to a teammate explain all the reasons why you’re the worst gamer on the planet? You encountered a toxic player? Did you join a team with another player who intentionally lost the match? You have come across a toxic player! Read More