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Episode 28 – Nintendo Labo, Sports Games, Factorio

By | Video Game Podcast | No Comments

Nintendo Labo PodcastHello everyone! Happy Thursday. Our new Nintendo Labo podcast episode is here and ready for your sweet cuppin’ cakes!

As EXPERT gamers we discuss our first thoughts on Nintendo Labo and the rise of cardboard video games. Lemonsmith convinces the world that Factorio is the best game ever, and a must-have at a LAN party. Puppet and Gimmick talk about their time playing the midieval MMORPG Gloria Victis. They get on the topic of sports games (NBA playgrounds, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Fifa) and the type of gamers who enjoy sports game.

We loved making this episode. If you’ve got any topics you want the guys to cover in the future let us know in the comments.

Show Notes

Nintendo Labo – 2 minute 51 second mark

Final Fantasy 14 – 14 minute 5 second mark

Discussion about Sports Games – 22 minute 40 second mark

NBA Playgrounds – 31 minute 40 second mark

Factorio – 35 minute 56 second mark

Gloria Victis – 45 minute 40 second mark

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Am I Xenophobic for Not Wanting to Play with Chinese PUBG Players?

By | Hey You Video Game Blog | 2 Comments

pubg chinese playersI was an early adopter of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Even with all its flaws I loved the gameplay, and have sunk hundreds of hours into the game. Half my time is spent playing with a core group of friends (the Hey You Video Game guys) and the other half  by queuing up with randoms on squad.

Joining squad as an individual has always been a crapshoot. You never know what level of expertise your fellow teammates are, whether they have microphones, or whether they might just team kill you for your loot (albeit this has been fixed with the reporting feature. Thanks Bluehole!). Playing solo makes me paranoid, duo seems too intimate, and so I often roll the dice to see what kind of squad I get.

Things began to change late last year when I began to get placed onto teams with more and more Chinese players. This makes sense, because as of November 2017 more than half of the PUBG player base spoke and read Chinese. At first I found it somewhat amusing trying to communicate over the mic with my Chinese teammates. I’d run over to them and drop off extra ammo or gear, and they’d attempt to call out enemies. I found it fun for a while.

Nowadays, if you randomly queue up for Squad there is an incredibly low chance that you’ll land in a squad with other English speakers. I have played multiple rounds where all of my teammates are Chinese. I know this, because they’re literally speaking Chinese on their microphones.

Here’s why this is frustrating to me – one of the core characteristics of a Chicken Dinner winning squad is communication. Teammates are constantly telling one another where the enemy is, where extra supplies are, they’re making group decisions over where to parachute in and more. Communication is key to being #1 in PUBG, and when you can’t talk with your teammates you’re already at a huge loss. Honestly, I imagine that the Chinese players are just as frustrated when they queue up with an English-only speaker.

I don’t know exactly what the answer to this is (region lock, ping filter), but I hope that the developers will recognize this as an issue and not the ranting of a xenophobic fanboy.

Frankly, this is not going to ruin PUBG for me and I will surely spend many more hours playing squad games with randoms. I am excited that the game is doing great in China and look forward to the future of this game.