Must-Have Gear to Safely Move Your Computer to the LAN Party

LAN Party bagLAN Parties are tons of fun, but getting your desktop PC and monitor to them are not. When we wrote our LAN Party Checklist we focused on everything you’d need for the event, but never gave details on how to safely and easily get your expensive computer and monitor to the LAN Party. Monitors and desktop computers are a dangerous combination of heavy and expensive. It would be a shame to crack your screen or mess up your computer trying to get it to the LAN Party.

Understanding that it’s not easy to transport your computer gear to the LAN – here are a few items (LAN Party Bag, computer straps, monitor cases) that will help you get your gear to the LAN Party safe and sound!

PC Carrying Strap

desktop carrying strap

Carrying a desktop computer is a bit of a nightmare. They’re heavy, and when you lift it you’re wondering if it will tip over. This PC carrying strap eliminates this worry. Instead of bear-hugging your desktop and praying that you won’t drop it, you can make the process 100 times easier with this desktop carrying strap.

The strap tightens around your desktop computer, and has a handy strap on the top for carrying. Desktop computers with a 52″ (132cm) circumference will be able to use this pc carrying strap. It also has two loops for hanging gear, and a mesh pocket that more equipment (keyboard, mouse, headphones) can be placed in.

This PC carrying strap will lighten the burden of moving your computer from your home to the LAN Party.

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LAN Party Bag

LAN party bag


It helps to have a backpack to put all your remaining gear into. This LAN Party Bag can be used to hold your computer mouse, headset, cords, etc. It can make the packing process easier to have your LAN Party Checklist handy and as you make your way down the list put the gear, supplies, etc., into the LAN party bag.

This backpack is also designed to fit a laptop (up to 17 inches). It has multiple zipper compartments with one pocket in the front that has extra padding for more fragile items. It’s a top notch backpack, and the brand who makes it gives it a lifetime warranty. It’s built to last.

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The Monitor Carry Bag (24″)

monitor carry bag

People spend hundreds of dollars for their computer monitor, but don’t invest in the right bag to carry it safely to the LAN. The worst thing in the world would be cracking a monitor or putting a fat scratch in it. The best way to transport your monitor safely and easily to the LAN party is with a monitor carry bag.

This bag can carry a monitor that is up to 24″. The designer has integrated hard plastic plate for additional protection against shocks and damage. It’s also got an extra holder for your keyboard or whatever other gear you want to put in it. Why take the risk of moving your monitor without one of these bags? This monitor carry bag is all you need for getting your computer monitor from point A to point B.

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27″ Monitor Case

27 monitor carry caseGamers are torn on 24″ or 27″. Personally I prefer the 24″ because it’s easier for my eyes to scan the entire screen while playing first person shooters. If you’re of the bigger is better mentality you’ll need a 27″ monitor case to hold that bad boy. Here’s a 27″ monitor case that’ll give you the protection your monitor needs while moving from your home to the LAN party.

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We hope you found the right gear for you! Having a LAN Party Bag, PC Carry Straps, and a monitor carry case make a world of difference! If you’ve recently gone to a LAN party post a photo to our Facebook page. We want to see the fun!



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