Jax Teller is Alive. He’s USEC and Escaping From Tarkov

If you’re a Sons of Anarchy Fan you  know Jax Teller eventually met his end. The story goes that he went on one last ride, and intentionally put himself in front of a semi truck to end his life. It was an incredible finale for the show, and brought closure to the series. This is the narrative that I believed until I started playing Escape from Tarkov. Upon entering a raid I noticed this on the loading screen.

It’s a striking resemblance to the leader of the Sons of Anarchy. Did Jax really perish in that terrible crash or did he move to Russia? While he was never properly trained for USEC he surely has the courage and experience with guns to fight in battle. Will we see motorcycles in a future Escape from Tarkov patch? Will there be another group to join that is filled with leather wearing, tattoo-bearing men who belong in a motorcycle crew? Can we expect more beer drinking, prison shanks, and drug running?


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