Is “Apex Legends” and “Titanfall” in the same Universe?

Despite the recent inclusion of various in-game items, which some conceive of as overly expensive, Apex Legends has gone from being a relatively unknown battle royale game to one of the most celebrated, and widely played in its field. And although many fans would’ve probably preferred to see a sequel to Titanfall 2 come to fruition, there’s no doubting Apex Legends triumphant rise to the top.

A feat made vastly more impressive, once you consider its short shelf life to date. In little or no time at all, Respawn Entertainments team-orientated take on the battle royale formula has transcended the genre. All the while, injecting new life into an oversaturated sub-niche. In what has rapidly become a recycled yet marketable game mode. Thankfully though, Apex Legends has given the genre a new lease of life.

But just how exactly does it tie into the Titanfall universe, if at all? Is Apex Legends and Titanfall in the same universe? Yes, Apex Legends and Titanfall share the same universe. Apex Legends is definitely a unique game, however, it does share a sense of commonality with the Titanfall universe.

Today, we put the matter to bed once and for all. And of course, determine whether Apex Legends & Titanfall do indeed take place in the same world. To fully understand, we must revisit the genesis of Apex Legends. So, without further or do, let’s gear up, lock and load and skydive right into this. After reading, you’ll have a definitive answer to the question, “Do Apex Legends & Titanfall share the same universe.”

The Origins of Apex Legends

In truth, the next game destined to arrive from Respawn Entertainment was Titanfall 3. So much so, that when news of the team’s future development project first broke, fans were sure of a third installment to the popular mech-based shooter series. But at some point, during the production cycle, the team had an epiphany. And it would seem, a stark change of heart.

Privy to the success of PUBG, Respawn seemingly decided to take the next game, in an entirely new direction. Additionally, Respawn’s acquisition by Electronic Arts put a completely different spin on things. From then on, the concept, as a vision, had changed. Or so it would seem.

Back in February of this year, Executive Producer Drew McCoy spoke with Polygon about Apex Legends and the sudden change of plans. “We wanted characters that aren’t just about mechanical differences, but are deep and rich,” Executive McCoy said. “We wanted to zoom out [from the mainline series] and find another part of the world.”

So why is this extract relevant to today’s topic. Well, not only does it illustrate a divergence during development. But also, it eludes to Apex being a part of the same world. Meaning, in one way or another, the two games are intrinsically linked. Or at the very least, they co-inhabit the same universe.

The Absence of Titans in Apex Legends

Of course, we now know this to be the case. Even so, the clear difference between the two is the absence of mechs. Also known as Titans. Those of which play a significant role in the Titanfall series. Sure enough, these brutal combat machines act as the focal point. However, the prior statement suggests that the team behind Apex wished for more of a humanlike experience. Perhaps then, one that’s relatable to the player?

Now, I know what your all thinking — playing as giant overpowered bots. All with insane abilities, as each player vows to become the last gunner standing, sounds like a grand idea on paper. And it truly does. But the measure of a good game, is, often its industrial impact over such a short period. On that note, it’s hard to argue against the effectiveness of Apex on the world stage. Anyway, back to the universe at large.

The World of Apex Legends

Apex Legends takes place 30 years on from the events of Titanfall 2 and is part of the Titanfall universe. After the epic Battle of Typhon, which pitted the IMC against the militia, the war-torn battlegrounds of the frontier were left unmanaged. As both sides were powerless to capitalize on the aftermath, unlawful chaos ensued.

Since that time, however, and with no official law and order to provide governance, the birth of a competitive based blood sport immerged. That arena-based sport, which mimics the Hunger Games is, of course, Apex Legends.

The founder of the Apex Games is said to be Kuben Blisk. The originator of the elite Apex Predators mercenary unit. A team of legends who led the line during the Frontier War. The main arena, known to players as Kings Canyon, was once an area rich in resources. But today, it purely serves as the backdrop for gladiators and hunters to do battle.

With that in mind, there is a definitive link bridging the two games despite the distinct lack of a single-player campaign and the option to play traditional matchmaking multiplayer. Both of which were heavily present in Titanfall 2.

Hidden Easter Eggs in Apex Legends

And now, onto the subject of Easter eggs. Respawn Entertainment may have mixed up the formula with Apex Legends, compared to Titanfall. Especially concerning in-game systems and mechanics. Though that may be true, a handful of sneaky Easter eggs reside in Apex Legends. These have been spotted by many a keen observer — helping to bridge the divide between Apex and Titanfall.

A long-standing tradition in the Titanfall series is the inclusion of Nessie. Yes, that’s right, you heard me straight — the enigmatic, aquatic beast from Scottish folklore.

Ever since the original game in the Titanfall series released, back in 2014, the snake-like Loch Ness Monster has made an appearance. There’s even a shrine of worship paying homage to the mythical creature in Titanfall 2. That of which showcases smaller monsters idolizing a strange figure.

Why is this relevant? I hear you ask. Well, that very same creature is located, in the corner of Apex’s training map. For fans of the franchise, that ‘snake’ is unmistakably the very same Nessie carried over from the Titanfall series. Also, as the player touches down in Kings Canyon, giant beasts roam the arena perimeter. Those of which share a striking resemblance to Nessie.

Final Verdict

All in all, we can clarify beyond a reasonable doubt that Apex Legends, is indeed set in the same universe as Titanfall 2. The more puzzling question though is whether Apex is considered a true sequel. Overall, it’s more of a spiritual successor using the same timeline.

Of course, Respawns choice to lean away from naming it Titanfall 3, suggests that Apex Legends is an indirect sequel. With that in mind, many would pigeonhole the game as a spin-off. Either way, it shares similarities with Titanfall.

For those wishing for a successor to Titanfall 2, that door is still open. But the series may have been put firmly on the backburner and pushed further down the pipeline. What with the massive success of Apex Legends? In truth, Battle royale remains the most profitable game mode for developers to adopt. That said, I’m sure fans of Titanfall are crying out for another story-based single-player campaign. I know I am. We’ll have to leave it to fate and keep fingers crossed.


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