Guide to Unlocking/Opening Map on Satisfactory Game

Satisfactory Game Map

Satisfactory is an addictive factory builder video game that will pull you in. While still in early access, this impressive factory builder is a first person building sim that has you collecting resources and building intricate systems towards a final goal. The game will easily take 80 to 100 hours to complete, and is well worth the ride. Fans of Factorio will enjoy this take on the genre.

Once you get started building it won’t be long until you’ll start wondering, “is there a map in this game?” The good news is that there is a map that can be utilized to help you and your friends get your bearings straight and mark important areas.

To unlock the map you’ll need to unlock the tier 4 milestone named Explorer. You can’t unlock this milestone until you’ve analyzed raw quart in the MAM (research station). Once this tier is unlocked, you will be able to open up the map.

The map on Satisfactory is bound to the “Z” key or by clicking R3 on a controller. You won’t be able to open up the map prior to unlocking the tier 4 milestone.

Once you’ve unlocked and opened the map you’ll be able to locate the following:

  • Players
  • Player’s crate / Loot box
  • Vehicles
  • The HUB
  • Space Elevator
  • Beacons
  • Radar Tower
  • Resources nodes scanned within the past 25 seconds
  • Truck Stations and Train Stations

You won’t be able to see the following the in-game map:

  • Player built structures
  • Power slugs, artifacts, hard drives
  • Resource deposits
  • creatures
  • Poison gas area

Satisfactory while in early access is worth buying and playing. Play solo or with a group of 3 others, and start building away! If you’re new to factory builder sims you may be overwhelmed at first, but just keep at it. It takes a bit to get going, and you may be intimidated at first but overcoming the steep learning curve makes it worth it.


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