How to Unlock GunBuddy Charms in Valorant

Valorant is finally here and the gaming community has embraced it with open arms. Like other shooters Valorant allows players to customize their weapons with colored skins and flair.

While cosmetics won’t increase the damage or change any attribute of your gun, it does make it look nice! There’s currently a wide range of gun skins that players can purchase to make their guns look cool. One of the cosmetic additions that Valorant players might not know about are the Gunbuddies that players can attach to bling out their weapons.

But how do you unlock Gun Buddy Charms in Valorant? During the beta of Valorant the only way to unlock Gunbuddies is to open a contract for a specific agent and earn XP from playing the game until you earn and unlock their gun buddy at tier 6. In the future, Gunbuddies will also be available for purchase.

You can access the Gunbuddy charms under the Collection tab and under every weapon. Click on a weapon, and you’ll see a Skins tab and a Buddies tab. Go to the buddies tab and you’ll be able to see all the Gunbuddies that you have unlocked thus far.

Every Valorant agent has their own stylish GunBuddy. For example, Breach’s Gunbuddy charm is a tiny version of his slam hammer, and Cypher’s Gunbuddy is a miniature version of his hat.

Surely in the future, Riot will add more Gunbuddies that you can show off on your gun, but that will likely happen when the game gets closer to official release.

All of the Valorant GunBuddy Charms within the Beta

Here’s a screenshot of every single Valorant Gunbuddy Charm that is available within the beta version of Valorant. Which ones do you have unlocked?

  • Brimstone Gunbuddy – Two dog tags
  • Viper Gunbuddy – a container of green poison
  • Jett Gunbuddy – a tiny version of her razer sharp knife
  • Raze Gunbuddy – orange and blue sticks
  • Omen Gunbuddy – a dark ominous orb
  • Sage Gunbuddy – one of her tiny globes
  • Phoenix Gunbuddy – a star-like symbol
  • Sova Gunbuddy – a mask charm
  • Cypher Gunbuddy – a miniature version of his classic white hat

It takes a LONG time to grind out enough XP to get to tier 6 for each agent and unlock the Gunbuddy charm, but it’s worth it! Not only is Valorant a free game, but the charms are free too!

There are some players who are upset at the price of the gun skins that are currently available within the game, but it seems to be unfair to get mad at a game that is free to play. Hopefully there will be more free Gunbuddy charms that can be unlocked in the future of the game, but you can expect to have some gunbuddy charms that can only be acquired through purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Check out your gunbuddy collection and equip them to a gun or two! You need to make sure you’re fighting in style!


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