How to turn on push to talk in Valorant? (Answered)

While a skilled Valorant player can decimate the enemy team, Valorant isn’t a solo experience, it’s a game of teamwork. The team that not only is skilled at accurately shooting heads, but works together is more likely to secure the win. Like any game that utilizes teamwork, you’ll need to communicate, communicate, communicate. But you can’t do that if you’re not talking on the mic. Which brings us to the question…

How do you turn on push to talk in Valorant? Go to your settings, choose Audio, next go to Voice Chat, and lastly you’ll see the setting to turn your push to talk voice chat on or off.

How to Access Push to Talk Settings for on and off

The first step is by going into your settings. From the main lobby you can access your settings by clicking up in the top right corner.

Next you’ll be brought to the General settings menu, but you’ll want to click on AUDIO which brings you to the screen you see above.

One of the settings that affects the way you hear your teammates over voice chat is the VOIP Ducks Music. By clicking this box the music will lower while your team is talking to make it easier to hear. I’d recommend making sure this box is checked. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to hear your team, because some music is WAY too loud (I’m looking at you CoD Warzone!).

Lastly you want to click on VOICE CHAT which will bring you to all the voice chat settings. You can hover over any setting to read exactly what it will do. To turn push to talk off or on you’ll go to the proper setting. You can also change the keybind so that you push to talk is a different key than the default.

What’s the difference between party and team chat? Party voice chat is between your friends that you are directly partied up with. Team chat will allow you to talk with and hear your entire team through voice chat. Sometimes it’s nice to talk with your friends without your whole team listening in.

That’s how to access the push to talk settings in Valorant. I hope you’re able to correctly setup your push to talk voice chat, and that it helps you win games while you communicate with your team! Happy fragging.


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