How long is a game of Valorant? (Answered!)

These days my gaming time has been severely limited. Far and few are the days when I can game as much as I’d like. More regularly my gaming is limited to chunks throughout the week. Sometimes I can game, but only have 30 minutes before I need to get back to work or help with my kid. With this said, Valorant’s beta has opened up and if you’re like me you are wondering…

How long is a game of Valorant? The maximum amount of time to play a full match of Valorant is approximately 70-75 minutes. The quickest amount of time it would take about 30 minutes. The average time is 30 to 40 minutes. It’s impossible to say exactly how long a match will last, because of the multiple factors that go into it.

The Timing Lengths in Valorant

Here are the facts:

  • 30 seconds for the preparation and buy phase
  • 1 minute 40 seconds per round
  • 40 seconds bomb timer

The winner of the match is the first team to win 13 rounds.

Here’s why we can’t say for certain how long an entire match (first to 13) will take. If you find yourself on a team that quickly wins (or loses) 13 rounds in a row you’re looking at a 30-minute match. If you’re evenly matched with the opposing team you’re going to potentially have to play 24 to 25 rounds which will bring you closer to a 70 to 75 minute match time.

All this to say – currently Valorant is not the type of game that you can jump on and play for five minutes and than go on your merry way. It’s a commitment to play. Plus, if you leave a match by disconnecting your team will be down for the ENTIRE match. It won’t bring in a new player to take your place. While your teammates will get bonus money to spend at the start of a match if you disconnect it doesn’t make up for the lack of a full team.

If you disconnect from a game before the match completes you can reconnect back into the same match, but you won’t be able to start another match until the original match is completed.

Will Riot Games reduce the amount of rounds in the future?

Riot hasn’t released any information about whether they will reduce the amount of rounds for a full match. While it is unlikely that they will for competitive ranked play, there’s a chance that they’ll reduce the amount of rounds for a more casual gameplay experience.

I am loving the game, and can’t wait to progress as a player. With that said – I would enjoy a gameplay mode that was shorter than the typical 30-60 minute matches. It would be incredible to join the game, play for 15 to 20 minutes, and be able to log off without repercussions to myself or my team.

The game is still in beta, and will be released in the summer of 2020. There’s lots of changes that can take place including the match length. We’ll all just need to wait to see what Riot decides to change and add to the game.


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