The Goose Game We’re Most Excited About in 2018

goose gameIt’s 2018 and there’s only ONE game that needs to be released now!


You probably saw the teaser last October and forgot all about it, but not a day goes by where I smile at the thought of playing this game. To be honest – the only thing I think about these days are this damn goose. Why is he harassing and haranguing that poor gardener? What’s the backstory on the relationship between these two? Will the picnic of human food upset the goose’s belly? Will the developers incorporate loot boxes into this game?

These are all the questions that I need an answer to!

There’s not much news on the game, but you can join House House (Goose Game Developer) mailing list or follow them on twitter. If you hear anything new before we do, will you let us know? WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

Who else is excited for goose game?



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