Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

fortnite battle royale tips and tricksFortnite Battle Royale has been released for free, and it’s been fun to play. We reviewed the game on our podcast, and found it to be very different than Pubg. It’s PUBG’s goofy little brother. We know what it’s like to start a new game and the challenge to learn the meta. Knowing this we have collected 21 tips and tricks to help you out on Fortnite Battle Royale. We hope that these little gems help you get to the coveted #1 spot.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

1. Large bushes are your friend! Searching for a great hiding spot? Bushes are great at blending in and going unnoticed by enemies.

2. Constantly be aware of the storms position. In most situations it would be wise to ensure that you’re halfway to the safe area before a storm starts. This will allow you enough time to make it safely out of the storm’s path.

3. Keep your ears open for loot chests. The closer you are to a loot chest the louder the angelic, twinkling noise will be. Many of the chests will be hidden in areas that are hard to get to, and will require you to use resources to build stairs to get to. Be careful not to hit or shoot the chests, because they can be destroyed just like anything else in the game. These loot chests can either look like a pirate’s chest or a bank safe. It’s important to stop and search for loot chests, because their contents can be a game changer. The often contain some of the best items and weapons found in the game.

4. If at all possible, avoid engaging enemy players in the early/mid game. The reason is that most enemy players haven’t had the chance to pick up great gear/items yet, and killing them would provide little benefit to you. Getting into a gunfight in the early game runs the risk of losing armor and health with only a small chance of receiving any real benefit.

5. This works for any time when you want to quickly pick up resources and meds, but don’t want your weapon to swap out. All you need to do is switch to your pickaxe and hit the loot key quickly. This can save you lots of time, and makes sure that you’re not leaving loot around for another player to nab.

6. You should always be moving in this game. Camping a house for a long time provides you with no benefit. Your time would be better spent searching for better gear. Hiding out and camping through the early to mid game can get you to the end of the round, but you’ll be underpowered and with few resources.

7. It’s best to have one shotgun, one mid range rifle, and one sniper rifle.

8. Try to gather 100 of each building resource by the time you enter the late game.

9. Before your revive a downed teammate put up walls for protection. It can take a while to revive a teammate, and putting up walls as protection can help you bring a teammate back into the game without going down yourself.

10. If you’re playing in a squad stay by your teammates. Teammates can bring covering fire, pick you up if you’ve been downed, and cover more area than you can by yourself. This should be common sense, but we’re putting it here so that all you lone ranger types can hear it.

11. It’s meaningless to hold onto armor packs so use them immediately.

12. While this can be situational, most of the time it helps having the storm be at your back. This usually (not always!) means that you will not have to worry about enemy players shooting you from the back.

13. Low on loot and need to gear up fast? Keep your ears open for gunfire and run towards it. There are times when a gun fight will occur between other enemy players, and you can catch the winner off guard. The enemy often may be injured and if you catch them at the right time won’t have had enough time to heal up. Not only can you get a quick kill, but you’ll reap the benefits of the entire battle.

14. The big cities can be fun to land in, but they’re also the most populated. It’s a high risk, high reward type situation. A safer method is by landing in lesser populated houses or near the bridge entrances. These areas are usually outfitted with a few guns, meds, armor, and more. A single player can often get fully geared up without much difficulty.

15. Why allow enemies to hide behind cover when you can blow it up? Don’t forget that grenades and the rocket launcher have the ability to completely destroy structures. Exploding an enemies hiding spot will force them out into the open.

16. Like many FPS games the high ground has a huge advantage. Be aware of your environment, and get to the high ground if a battle is brewing.

17. Make sure you’re playing with decent headphones (we recommend HyperX), because sounds are essential in this game. You’ll be able to hear the footsteps of enemies louder and more clearly the closer they get to you.

18. If you hadn’t noticed sprinting leaves a dust trail behind you. This can help you spot enemy players at a distance, but beware that others can see you more easily if you’re sprinting too. Walk or crouch-walk if you want to be less noticeable.

19. I didn’t know this until recently, but if you spot a pile of tires you can walk into them to cause you to launch high into the air. These tire piles can be useful for getting onto the tops of buildings.

20. In some situations if you’re getting shot at you can start building pronto. The enemy may have caught you off guard, but building cover quickly can level the playing field.

21. One of the best strategies for late game in Fortnite Battle Royale is to build a base inside the circle and hold the high ground. This can give you protection and a spot to shoot from. If you find yourself outside of the circle, quickly build a new base within the new circle.

What tips and tricks are we missing for Fortnite’s Battle Royale? Share them in the comments below or join our Facebook discussion!


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