Escape from Tarkov Problems That Make Us Rage Quit

escape from tarkov problemsThe crew here at Hey You Video Game have been gaming Escape from Tarkov non-stop for some time. We’ve talked about the game on our podcast, written tips & tricks, and even put together a resource page to help beginners. All of this to say we really enjoy the game, and have high hopes that it will continue to develop into a well polished game. The blend of MMO-features with first person shooter makes it fun, engaging, and addictive. We applaud the devs for this insanely fun game.

Even with all of our love towards this game we can fairly say that Escape from Tarkov has serious problems that need to be addressed. It seems like once a night one of us rage-quits from a problem with the game. Typically we are not the rage-quit type. We have played many early access games realizing that they have a fair share of issues. An example is we played Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds during early, early access. While other players grumbled about PUBG being “unplayable” in those early stages we found it not only to be playable, but also quite enjoyable. In its current state there are times when, dare I say it, Escape from Tarkov is unplayable. Here are three Escape from Tarkov problems that need to be solved.

Escape from Tarkov Problem #1 – Hackers/Glitchers

Without a doubt this game is suffering from abusers who hack and manipulate glitches for their advantage. It has been confirmed that it is possible for individuals to aimbot, use ESP, and even fly around the map. This isn’t just a problem with EFT, but other FPS games as well, but it still needs to be addressed. Our worst experience involved getting shot and killed while crouching silently in a position that was impossible to be seen. We don’t like to cry hacks, but in this case it was obvious. Currently you can fight back against hackers by reporting them through the bug report system.

Secondly, there’s an annoying glitch that players are abusing to be able to die with a gun, but not drop it. Nothing is more frustrating than killing a player who who was shooting a badass gun only to not see it on their corpse. Blegh.

Escape from Tarkov Problem #2 – AI Scavs

In our first podcast episode we grumbled about how insane the AI was in EFT. They were super human death machines. The game has since been patched and the AI is much better. We’re glad to see the developers work hard to create smart and challenging AI while not making them wall hackers. Even with the new patch the AI need to be continued to be reworked. The most upsetting situation we have experienced is watching an AI face a different direction and then getting shot by them. You can watch an example here.

Escape from Tarkov Problem #3 – Lag/Desync

If there’s one problem that has made this game unplayable it is desync issues. Common examples include shooting a player directly in the head and nothing happening, waiting for five minutes to finally be extracted, coming around a corner to be instantly killed by a player you put bullets into. Additionally during primetime playing hours it is impossible to have a non-laggy raid in Factory. The only option if you want to continue playing is finding a map that’s not a complete lagfest.

We’re certain that the dev team is working at addressing these issues, but we caution players who are prone to rage quit to really think before purchasing this game. You may want to let the game develop more before getting on the EFT train.

What are your thoughts on EFT problems? Are they that serious? Join us in the comments below or in the discussion on Facebook.


Lemon's the optimist at Hey You Video Game! Not even lag, bad game mechanics, or RNG can get him mad. Lemonsmith's favorite video games are The Last of Us, PUBG, Apex Legends, and Donkey Kong Country.

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