Does Valorant have replays?

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Valorant beta has opened up and the game is quickly rising in popularity. This team-based shooter requires pinpoint accuracy, quick thinking, strategy, and most of all communication. Competitive CS:GO players are making their way over to Valorant as it seems like it may become its successor over time.

Being such a competitive game you’re probably wondering…does Valorant have replays? As of right now, Valorant doesn’t have a replay feature to rewatch your matches. Valorant’s developer Riot Games has stated that it will come in the future, but not to expect it soon.

Why are replays important? The best sports athletes will watch footage of themselves performing to spot out their errors or poor form and use it to get better. In the same way, Valorant players are hoping that they could rewatch their matches to learn how to get better.

It’s also super helpful to send your replays to better players who can critique and give you pointers on how to develop as a player. In the same way that a football coach will watch game play to critique his team, you could have a “coach” point out how you can get better from watching your replay.

Here are some questions you should consider when analyzing your gameplay footage…

  • What caused me to die in that situation?
  • How is my positioning?
  • What would a professional player do differently?
  • Am I aiming for the head?
  • Could I have done a different play that would have benefitted my team more?
  • Am I sticking to my training?

It’s only a matter of time before Riot Games introduces the replay feature to Valorant. In the meantime you can record your gameplay with a 3rd party program called OBS. It’s fairly easy to install and setup. If you have an older computer it may not run quite as quick as you’d like, but if you have a decent setup (and hard drive space) it can be an easy way to get your footage in the meantime.


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