Does Greedfall have multiplayer?

If you are passionate about great RPG titles and fun, unique game experiences, then Greedfall is definitely the type of game you want to try out. Created by the development company Spiders, which is great at designing amazing RPG experiences, this is a game that visits a very distinctive era in the human history. But you already know this, and you’ve here for one question…

Does Greedfall have multiplayer? No, Greedfall is a singleplayer game. You will be able to play it alone and that’s it. This is an action role playing experience similar to Elex or even Skyrim. You can easily explore all the world and interact with NPCs, but won’t be able to play with your friends.

The game is set on an island paradise that was discovered by colonial forces for multiple generations that come from fictional lands. They’re warring against each other, and you play a neutral human that comes to this foreign land. You’ll need to try to help one of the groups colonize the land.

But at the same time, the region is also dealing with plagues and you are looking to find a cure. The two ideas seamlessly add up together to bring in something special and powerful.

On top of all this, the player will need to explore the island and interact with the locals, deal with invaders, and even encounter supernatural beings.

Great Gameplay

Aside from being able to explore, you will also enter combat situations. And in this game the combat is all about analyzing the enemy, seeing what it can do and then adapting and adjusting your approach as you try to eliminate the attacker the right way. This is not the simple type of game that’s there to challenge you at times.

If anything, the combat is similar to games like Dark Souls where you have a singular enemy that’s fierce and which you have to eliminate otherwise you will lose. The challenges that arise with this game are always unpredictable and that’s something you will love about this experience. It’s always keeping you focused and it encourages you to try out something new all the time. Of course there are demanding situations and challenges as you play, but Greedfall makes it easier to express yourself in a world that you don’t really know.

Everything is possible in this game

You can easily focus on crafting if you want, there are lots of items you can acquire and craft as you go along. Or you can focus on stealth, in fact the game does have a rather unique stealth system designed to help improve the experience and bring it in to that next level all the time. You can specialize in a certain way of playing the game or you can try out something that’s completely different and unique all the time.

Since this is a colonial era game, you don’t really see any modern weapons or items. And that means the fire weapons are very slow. So you will mostly rely on your sword and sometimes your pistol. Obviously most of your enemies will take advantage of that and they will attack you with both simple and heavy attacks too. So you never really know what exactly to expect and what kind of attacks will the enemy charge at you. But then again that’s the type of thing that makes Greedfall unique.

Granted, you can expect the gameplay to be very tough. The one to one combat can be very demanding and downright tricky, so you really have to figure out what you are getting into with a situation like this.

In this case, Greedfall requires you to blend all kinds of gameplay ideas like stealth, hand to hand or ranged combat as you try to eliminate massive enemies. It’s definitely not going to be easy to achieve that, but the unique gameplay is what will really push the boundaries and expand the experience as you go along. 

It’s safe to say that if you like RPG titles, Greedfall is one that you do not want to miss. The ARPG approach is great, you have many ways to play the game and the story will keep you playing again and again. The world itself is stunning too, there are a plethora of locations to explore and the combat is very demanding. Sure, you can’t play with a friend which is a shame, but Greedfall is very intense, fun and full of joy. That’s exactly why you should check it out for yourself!


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