Does Apex Legends Have Bots? (Answered!)

Apex Legends since its release in February 2019 has continued to grow in popularity. It has taken a slice of the Battle Royale pie competing with Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty’s Blackout. The game has many similarities to these other shooters, but does it (like PUBG) have AI bots to fight against?

Does Apex Legends have bots? No, currently Apex Legends does not have bots to practice against. There’s also no official word from Respawn Entertainment that bots will be released to the game in the future.

Other first person shooters such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or Counterstrike have the ability for players to play against bots for practice. Bots can help players practice their aiming and mechanical skills without having to be online. Bots can also let gamers hone their skills without the stress of playing against real human players.

Respawn Entertainment is 100% capable of adding bots to Apex Legends as they incorporated AI bots into their Titanfall games. The bots in these games would guard loot, and could be farmed by players to earn points. While the developer has the potential to create Apex Legends bots, it’s unlikely that they will do so.

Does Apex Legends have bots in the tutorial?

You would think that the Apex Legends tutorial would have AI bots to aim at, but alas, there are no bots in the tutorial. This is a huge miss, because it would be incredibly helpful to have real moving characters to work on shooting, movement, and grenade throws.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the various Legends as bots to practice shooting at? Wraith and Lifeline have such small character models that it can be difficult to hit real players who are dodging and weaving quickly. Being able to practice getting headshots on an AI controlled Wraith would be incredibly helpful.

Will Apex Legends eventually have AI Controlled Bots to play against?

There’s been nothing officially said by the developer Respawn Legends about adding bots, and so anything said would be conjecture and speculation. Considering that the only Battle Royale on the market to have bots is PUBG, I would guess that bots will not be added to Apex Legends anytime soon.

One of the reasons is that it would reduce the number of players in the online servers. If a chunk of the player base were creating offline servers filled with bots it would take from the number of people who could be populating servers with real players. One of the reasons that Apex Legends doesn’t have multiple modes is because they don’t want to fracture to player base. Adding an offline mode with bots would develop fracture the player base.

If they created bots to help populate servers with real people then it would ruin tactics and strategy. By nature AI bots know exactly where you are at all times. They basically are created to have wall and aim hacks. You can tone down their strength, but it would still be frustrating to have a bot snipe you from across the map when the chances of a real player doing so would be nil.

Maybe things will change in the future, but it’s unlikely that Apex Legends will ever have bots.


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