Does Apex Legends have Aim Assist on PC? (Answered!)

It’s not uncommon for shooters on consoles (Playstation or Xbox) to have aim assist to help gamers hit their targets. Popular games such as the Call of Duty or Destiny franchises both feature aim assist in their games. But did Respawn Entertainment (the company behind Apex) decide to include this controversial feature in their game?

Does Apex Legends have aim assist on PC? The answer is NO if you’re using a traditional mouse and keyboard. The game does not allow aim assist if you’re using a mouse to aim with. With that said, if you plug a classic gaming controller to use it will turn aim assist on.

Aim assist does exactly what it sounds like. As a player aims towards an opponent the crosshair will move to get the enemy in its sights. With a controller it can be incredibly helpful, as the nature of a controller makes it difficult to precisely aim.

Respawn Entertainment turns aim assist on for controllers on PC, because they need it. A traditional controller cannot compete with a mouse and keyboard. Using a mouse is a huge advantage, because the player can aim with pinpoint precision. This is one of the reasons why many console games won’t allow users to plug a mouse and keyboard into their system. It would give an unfair advantage on the battlefield.

What controller should I use on Apex Legends for PC?

There’s two kings in the controller world, and they depend on what your preference is. Both are incredibly functional, feel good in your hands, quality made, and will work with Apex Legends on PC.

The first is the Razer Wolverine Ultimate (see on Amazon). It’s the pricier of the two controllers, but has lots of sweet features such as chroma lighting, the ability to remap your buttons quickly, and a D-pad the just feels good.

The other is significantly cheaper, and is Sony’s DualShock controller (see on Amazon). If you grew up playing Playstation than this is the controller that will feel the best in your hands. It’s ergonomic, has a solid grip, and will feel perfect as you aim for Pathfinder as he zips around.

How can I turn Aim Assist off in Apex Legends?

Are you not a fan on aim assist? Perhaps you want to try your luck without the crosshairs magically moving onto your opponents? Well…you’re not in luck. Currently, there is no way that you can aim assist off in Apex Legends. If you’re using a controller than aim assist will be turned on, and you won’t have the ability to turn it off.

Maybe later down the road Respawn Legends will update their menu with the option to turn aim assist off, but in the meantime you’ll just have to keep fighting with its help.

How strong is the Aim Assist on Apex Legends?

Compared to other shooters like Fortnite or Call of Duty – the aim assist is pretty weak. It’ll help smooth out your aim if you’re tracking on an enemy, but it’s not insanely overpowered. In fact – many console players have complained that the aim assist is too weak. They feel like the time to kill is elongated, because it’s so difficult to hit their target.

All this to say – its nice to know that if you die it’s because your enemy has better aim than you and not only because of the aim assist.


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