Get Legendary Destiny 2 Hoodies, Hats, and Attire!

Nothing is better than scoring a legendary engram or even better, an exotic! Last week we put together a list of awesome Destiny 2 merchandise that any fan would want. Today we put together the best Destiny 2 hoodies, hats, and attire that we could find. Getting sweet gear in game is great, but getting Destiny 2 attire in real life is even better. Without further ado, here’s the best Destiny 2 hoodies, hats, and attire!

Destiny 2 Hoodies

Hunter Hoodie

Hunter hoodie destiny

This Destiny Hoodie is for all those hunter mains out there! Get yourself this Hunter Hoodie that’ll keep you warm and comfy. It’s officially licensed by Bungie, and is guaranteed to make you look good. It doesn’t have pockets, and so you’ll need to hold your throwing knife elsewhere. It’s made of 100% cotton.

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Titan Hoodie

titan hoodie

The Titans are the tanks of the Destiny video game franchise. They’re bulky, tough, and willing to withstand a beating. This red and white crest shows your true colors. It’s also a slim fit style hoodie so you can layer with extra armor if you need to. If you’re main character in Destiny is the Titan than this is the Destiny 2 hoodie for you! We think you’ll love it.

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Warlock Hoodie

destiny 2 warlock hoodie

It’s said that, “Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose still remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven them into the unknown.”

Get yourself one of these Destiny Warlock Hoodies to search for truth in style! It’s got a large logo on the front and back. This is a special hoodie, because it’s straight from Xur. For all you Warlock fans this is the Destiny 2 hoodie for you!

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Those are our favorite Destiny 2 hoodies! You’ve got to choose which one you like the most. As a Hunter main, I’m a bit bias. Get your favorite Destiny 2 hoodie and represent your Guardian.

Destiny 2 Hats

All of these Destiny 2 caps are officially licensed. They’re made of high quality material, and you’re guaranteed to love these snapback caps. Get the Destiny 2 cap that fits your style. We’ve got at least one cap for each Guardian class. Keep your head covered with one of these Destiny 2 hats!

Hunter Cap – The Hunt is On

hunter cap

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Titan Cap – Lion of the Land

destiny 2 titan cap

Get the Destiny 2 Titan Hat on Merchoid

Warlock Cap – Got the Magic Touch

warlock destiny 2 hat

Look at the details of the Warlock Cap on Merchoid 

We hope that you found the right kind of Destiny 2 attire that you were looking for! Let us know if we’re missing something by telling us in the comments below.


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