Episode 11 – Cuphead, Twitch, Ron Perlman

cuphead podcastWith the release of Cuphead, a discussion has started about the the difficulties of games. Should developers design their game with ways to skip bosses or reduce the difficulty? Is it wrong to create a video game that is too hard for many people to complete? The HYVG jumps into the discussion, and unanimously agree that there should be games of all difficulty. Why should developers change their game to please the masses?

We had a lot of fun creating this episode, and hope you’ll enjoy it!

The Cuphead Podcast Show Notes

  • Gimmick gives his positive worldview on life and why he plays video games. #staydistracted
  • The guys discuss Cuphead and the difficulty in games. Should developers continue to make difficult games or include easier modes? (4:55)
  • Article with the RockPaperShotgun quote on gaming difficulty (Here)
  • Do you turn to the end of a book or movie to figure out what happens before you start?
  • Gimmick’s new anime My Hero Academia.
  • The beginning of Twitch and Why we watch Twitch
  • Puppet and Gimmick’s Favorite Streamers include BreakinSkullz and Yogscast
  • Virindi Puppet’s dream of getting Ron Perlman on the podcast. “It would be the best day of my life!

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