Episode 23 – Citadel Forged With Fire


Citadel Forged With FireIt’s the last podcast of the year! 2017 is in the bag, and we’re anticipating 2018 to be even better.

We finish off the year talking about the survival game Citadel Forged With Fire. Inevitably the conversation turns to our hopes for 2018, and talk of a MMORPG that may capture out attention. Lastly, we end the podcast discussing the question “How transparent do streamers need to be?” In light of Dr. Disrespect revealing very personal information on his stream we have this question. Is extreme transparency needed to be a popular streamer?

We loved getting into podcasting this year, and are thankful for all our readers. If you have a gaming related question you want us to talk about, please put it in the comments below! We’ll attack it!

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