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pubg crossbow killsThe crossbow in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is amazing. Often overlooked as being a useless weapon it’s rarely used during gameplay, but it’s a powerhouse. The crossbow is silent and will one hit any enemy regardless of what level helmet they’re wearing. It’s interesting, because some people complain that it’s the worse weapon in the game. Read More

7 Streamers Answer, “What’s 1 Thing You Wish You Knew Before Streaming?”

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Streaming TipsHave you been watching others stream your favorite games, and wondered “could I do this?” We think you most definitely can, and we want to help you as much as we can. We asked those who are already streaming to answer the question – What’s One Thing You Wish You knew Before Streaming?  You’ll be surprised by their answers, and hopefully their insight gives you helps you in your own streaming endeavor! Enjoy these streaming tips from those who are doing it! Read More

Am I Xenophobic for Not Wanting to Play with Chinese PUBG Players?

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pubg chinese playersI was an early adopter of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Even with all its flaws I loved the gameplay, and have sunk hundreds of hours into the game. Half my time is spent playing with a core group of friends (the Hey You Video Game guys) and the other half  by queuing up with randoms on squad.

Joining squad as an individual has always been a crapshoot. You never know what level of expertise your fellow teammates are, whether they have microphones, or whether they might just team kill you for your loot (albeit this has been fixed with the reporting feature. Thanks Bluehole!). Playing solo makes me paranoid, duo seems too intimate, and so I often roll the dice to see what kind of squad I get.

Things began to change late last year when I began to get placed onto teams with more and more Chinese players. This makes sense, because as of November 2017 more than half of the PUBG player base spoke and read Chinese. At first I found it somewhat amusing trying to communicate over the mic with my Chinese teammates. I’d run over to them and drop off extra ammo or gear, and they’d attempt to call out enemies. I found it fun for a while.

Nowadays, if you randomly queue up for Squad there is an incredibly low chance that you’ll land in a squad with other English speakers. I have played multiple rounds where all of my teammates are Chinese. I know this, because they’re literally speaking Chinese on their microphones.

Here’s why this is frustrating to me – one of the core characteristics of a Chicken Dinner winning squad is communication. Teammates are constantly telling one another where the enemy is, where extra supplies are, they’re making group decisions over where to parachute in and more. Communication is key to being #1 in PUBG, and when you can’t talk with your teammates you’re already at a huge loss. Honestly, I imagine that the Chinese players are just as frustrated when they queue up with an English-only speaker.

I don’t know exactly what the answer to this is (region lock, ping filter), but I hope that the developers will recognize this as an issue and not the ranting of a xenophobic fanboy.

Frankly, this is not going to ruin PUBG for me and I will surely spend many more hours playing squad games with randoms. I am excited that the game is doing great in China and look forward to the future of this game.

The Goose Game We’re Most Excited About in 2018

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goose gameIt’s 2018 and there’s only ONE game that needs to be released now!


You probably saw the teaser last October and forgot all about it, but not a day goes by where I smile at the thought of playing this game. To be honest – the only thing I think about these days are this damn goose. Why is he harassing and haranguing that poor gardener? What’s the backstory on the relationship between these two? Will the picnic of human food upset the goose’s belly? Will the developers incorporate loot boxes into this game?

These are all the questions that I need an answer to!

There’s not much news on the game, but you can join House House (Goose Game Developer) mailing list or follow them on twitter. If you hear anything new before we do, will you let us know? WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

Who else is excited for goose game?


The 5 Types Of Squad Leaders We Love And Hate

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squad leadersOne of the genius mechanics of Squad is the role of the Squad leader. The power and authority that Squad Leaders hold in Squad makes teamwork a necessity, and gives the Squad leader the power to lead their squad. A good Squad leader can be the factor that leads a team to victory. Taking the helm of Squad leader isn’t for everyone, but for those who have an understanding of the game and the ability to guide a group of players to victory. With this said, we’ve all had our fair share of…how should we say it?…interesting squad leaders personalities.

Whether you’ve played Squad for 10 hours or 1,000 hours we’re sure that you’ve experienced a variety of Squad leader personalities. Here’s some of the Squad Leader personalities that we love and hate.

1. The Napoleon Bonaparte

napoleon squad leaderThis squad leader is a tactician of the highest degree. Quoting “The Art of War” he articulates exactly what you’ll be doing as a squad and what the outcome of the battle will be. You’re going to take the bigh ground, and force a pinch on the valley. He’s keeping the map updated with vital information, and is consistently relaying important tactical information over the mic. You’re not playing a video game, you’re participating in history in the making. Read More

The Best Overwatch Hoodies In The Universe

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Overwatch is one of those games that you just can’t get enough of. The developers did an incredible job of making a video game that has insane replayability. Now while the gameplay is top notch, it’s not all this game has to offer. Overwatch has a wide variety of interesting characters AND a story that goes with the game. Who knew that an online first person shooter could be fun and have a narrative attached to it?

We know that you want to look your best, and sport your favorite video game attire! We put together this list of Overwatch hoodies so that you can find the perfect Overwatch hoodie for you! Enjoy the collection.

Genji Overwatch Hoodie

Overwatch hoodies

Want to look similar to your favorite cyborg ninja? This Genji Overwatch Hoodie will keep you warm, and has pockets for all your Shurikens. This is the perfect Overwatch hoodie if you’re the stealthy type who likes to clamber up walls and knife your enemies.

Check out the Genji Overwatch Hoodie on Amazon Read More

5 Rocket League Tips for Beginners

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Rocket League Tips for Beginners

I’m late to the train, but Rocket League has stolen my heart. The first time I played the game I took it as a mindless arcade game that lacked depth. After a recent podcast episode with Gimmick I heard the truth about this wonderful game. Rocket League is simple in nature, but hits the competitive itch that many gamers (myself included) need. The steep skill curve to the game truly separates beginners from advanced, and is a joy to learn. Now I’m no Pro at this game, but I’ve put in enough time to learn some tips that will greatly help any Rocket League beginners. Without further ado, here are 5 Rocket League Tips for Beginners…

Rocket League Tip #1

Don’t Chase The Ball Like a Bunch of Children Playing Soccer

As a beginner every fiber inside you will want to rush the ball to get a hit on it. New players will chase the ball around the map like  a needy girlfriend. Train yourself to sit back during moments of the game when a teammate has the ball. Being able to watch the ball from a distance allows you to setup for a goal, a steal, or another power play. Chasing the ball around constantly rarely benefits anyone other than the other team.

Rocket League Tip #2

Practice Your Aerials

The less advanced players keep the ball on the ground, but the true fun and skill in Rocket League comes once you’ve mastered the aerial shots. Take time to play the aerial trainings on the various skill settings, and keep at them until aerial shots become like second nature to you. It’ll take a while for you to get the hang of the ball physics and boost, but once you dial it in you’ll be making sweet shots in no time.  Read More

The Cheapest Place to Buy PUBG Online – Cheap PUBG

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cheap pubgThe Cheapest Place to Buy PUBG Online

You’ve been fantasizing about playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but you’re not sure if it’s in the budget. The game has taken 2017 by storm, and it’s currently the most popular shooter in the world. We’re huge fans of PUBG here at Hey You Video Game! and want others to know and experience this wonderfully engaging game.

We’re constantly scouring the internet for the cheapest place to buy PUBG online, and will keep this article updated with the best place to buy Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for cheap.

One Note – We’ve come across some sites that do sell this game at a cheaper price, but it’s very difficult to tell if they’re legitimate. Within the last couple months, Bluehole (developer of PUBG) has banned over 320,000 accounts for misconduct and hacking (source). Many of these banned accounts have flooded the market and are being sold. Yes, you may find a cheap PUBG account from another site, but there’s a good chance that it’s a banned account that will be unplayable. Read More