The Full List of Brimstone Voice Lines from Valorant

Brimstone is the powerhouse commander agent of Valorant. He’s got an impressive assortment of abilities to give him control of the battlefield. With smokescreen air support he can block the view of opponents and with a stim buff, he can increase his and teammates’ fire rate. In addition, he has fiery grenades and an orbital strike ult that summons lasers from the sky to wipe out anyone who is in their path.

Brimstone’s voice actor is Steve Blum. You may have heard his voice in other games. He was the voice actor to Tank Dempsey in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat X.

The Complete List of Brimstone Quotes and Voice Lines

Match Start on the Map ‘Split’

I would hate working here. You couldn’t pay me to sit at a desk.


Get off my lawn.

I’m king of this hill!

This horse kicks!

Match Start with Ally Phoenix

I want to see heroes, not heroics. Looking at you, Phoenix.

Match Start with Ally Phoenix

Viper, watch those toxins this time. I’m not breathing in that crap again.

Match Start with Enemy Brimstone

If any of you got a problem with me, take it out on my double.

Match Start with Enemy Phoenix

We’re fighting a Phoenix? Book your vacations now. This is gonna be exhausting.

Round Start with Ally Omen

The enemy needs a good scare. Omen, you’re up.

Round Start with Ally Sova

Sova! We need eyes. Show us where they are.

Round Start with Ally Viper

You want revenge, Viper? Now’s your chance.

Round Start with Ally Breach

You did well Breach. Don’t expect a hug.

Round Start with Enemy Brimstone

That Brimstone is a stubborn ass. Reminds me of someone.

Round Start with Enemy Cypher

So they got a Cypher. He’ll see what we want him to see.

Round Start with Enemy Omen

Human or not that Omen can be killed.

Last Kill – Brimstone

Pour one out.

Last Kill – Viper

I hope you find peace.

Kill – Jett

Sit still!

Kill – Phoenix

Fires out!

Last Kill – Enemy MVP

Not so tough after all.

Before barrier drops with Enemy Breach

That Breach is asking for it.

Before barrier drops with Enemy Phoenix

Shut that Phoenix up.

Before barrier drops with Ally Raze

Raze, give them hell.

Ability Q Kill



Taken down.

Outta here.


Down you go.

Enemy down

Who trained you?

See ya!


Last Kill

That’s the lot of them.

Bagged and tagged.

Not one left standing.

Match Start

No one die on me. We’re all goin’ home.

They can throw the whole playbook at us. I’ve seen it all before.

I can’t close the settings menu on my bracer. How do I…Oh, got it.

Different battlefield. Same crap.

They’ve got one ugly looking crew. No offense to any of us.

Failure is the great teacher. So let’s teach ’em something.

Round Start

Pay attention. Might learn something.

No more doubts. We’re ready.

My sky smokes will give us all the cover we need.

Let’s ruin their day.

All right. Let’s round them up.

I’ll teach ’em to respect their elders.

Grab some water, refill those clips, and let’s get back out there.

Shoot the bad guys. How’s that for a plan?

Stay in range of my stim beacon and we’ll mow them down.

No one Picked up Spike

I like the enthusiasm, but no one grabbed the spike.

Anyone want to get the spike?

Headshot Kill


Still got it!

On the money.


Right between the eyes.

Before barrier drops – Attacker doing great

Let ’em up.

Have at ’em.

Before barrier drops – Attacker doing bad

It’s our turn.

Time to take this hill.

Before barrier drops – Attacker doing same as opposing team

Don’t get rusty.

Stay sharp.

Before barrier drops – Defender doing great

Cut ’em down to size.

This ain’t what they signed up for.

Before barrier drops – Defender doing bad

Who do they think they are?

Rein ’em in.

Before barrier drops – Defender tied with enemy team

They’ve got nerve.


Round Start


Watch and learn.

You know what to do.

Safety’s off.

Defused Plant

Not the boom you hoped for.

Sorry to spoil the party.

Defusing close to timer

Hold on to your hats.


Fish in a barrel.

Ain’t much room for improvement.

They’re out-thought, out-fought.

Round Start – Match Point

You’ve earned this win! Let’s make it official!

Finish ’em off.

The day is almost ours. Take it!

Round Start – Won last round and coming back

Now we’re landing haymakers!

Punches in the teeth, we spit back blood.

Finally off the ropes.

Round Start – Won last round and doing great

What do they think this is? A backyard scrimmage?

Keep taking this seriously, even if they aren’t.

Round Start – Won previous round

Just like we practiced.

That’s the way.

Good! Again!


Any cheaper It’d be just me and a bottle of scotch.

Melee Kill

Cut down!

That’ll work.

Clutch Play

That’s why they put me in charge.

There’s some things you just can’t teach!

Final Kill with Melee

Sometimes you gotta get your hands dirty.

I don’t need a gun.

Match Win

I’ll never retire.

Feelin’ proud.

Never had a doubt.

Match Win as MVP

Who’s the old dog now?

Last Round at Half as Attackers

If you saved spend it!

Last Round at Half as Defenders

Halftime! Don’t save a thing.

Resume Defuse

Nice try, kid.

Other Brimstone Quotes

That’s three.

My ult’s almost ready.

My ult’s not ready.

My ult’s ready.

Rush them

I’m saving.

Spike dropped.

Spike planted!

Got the spike.

I see the spike.

Taking point!


Ain’t My time


Play for picks

And four!

On my way

Our carrier’s down

Need equipment

Need a medic


I’ve got cash! Anyone need something?

Going A.

Going B

Going C

Going mid


Clear this area

Good work.


Need help!


Disrupt here

Scout here.

Block vision here.


Caution here.

Right here.

Gun here.

Spike here.

On my mark.

Watching here.

Watching here.

Push forward.





I see multiple enemies.

Enemies spotted

Grabbing gear.





I can’t use that.

Out of charges.

not ready yet.

Open up the sky!

Prepared for hell fire!

It’s just a scratch.

I’m too stubborn to die

Stim beacon here!

Stim beacon down.

Smokes down.

Fully smoked.



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