Best Monitor for PUBG

best pubg monitor 2017If you want to become the next great PUBG player you will  need the best monitor and gear to achieve that goal. Getting yourself a good 144Hz monitor will make your aim and game smoother. Having a 144Hz monitor is the standard according to the top level streamers. The top level payers may differ in what model they prefer, but none of the elite PUBG players use a regular 60Hz monitor. Size may also vary as some use a 24″ while others choose the larger 27″.

144Hz means that your monitor will update the picture on your screen 144 times a second. This gives you an advantage, in that while your duking it out in Pochinki your screen will keep the image smooth making it easier to aim at fast moving players or vehicles.

benq best pubg monitorIf you have the money to spend then a BenQ XL2430T monitor would be your best choice. This is the best monitor for PUBG. It is top notch quality, has the best panel, and an excellent finish. The BenQ XL2430T also has additional features such as the Black eQualizer, which will help you spot enemies sitting in dark places. The top level streamer Ninja uses this monitor.

A 144Hz monitor is the best monitor for PUBG hands down, but if you don’t have the cash to spend on the more expensive BenQ monitor, you could get the cheaper ASUS VG248QE. This is a great 144Hz monitor that’s easier on the wallet, and still great quality. Famous PUBG streamers Dr.Disrespect, Summit1g, and Anthony use this monitor.

Lastly, the cheapest (but still gets the job done!) is LG’s 24GM77-B. Not the fanciest or best quality, but it’ll suit your needs. These are the best monitors for PUBG out right now. Grab one and watch your game get smooth, smooth, smooth!


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