10 Best Gaming Modems on the Market

There is a lot of hardware that goes into gaming, either as a professional or hobbyist; and modems are one of them. You’ll agree that playing games with incapable hardware can be quite frustrating. Lags, unwanted buffering are a couple of things that can ruin the entire gaming experience; so you’re probably on the lookout for a modem that can fit into your gaming needs.

In this article, you’ll get to learn about ten of the best gaming modems that are currently for sale. While these modems won’t be arranged in a particular order, you’ll most likely find one that is the right fit for you.

The modems are:

  • Asus CM-32 AC2600 Modem
  • Motorola MB8600 Cable Modem
  • Netgear CM600 Cable Modem
  • ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 Modem
  • Linksys CM3024 Modem
  • TP-Link TC-7610 Modem
  • ARRIS SB6190 Modem
  • ARRIS Surfboard SBG6782 Modem
  • Zoom 5363 Modem
  • NETGEAR C7800 Modem (Best Modem/Router Combo! View on Amazon)

Asus AC2600 Modem

Selling point: Modem + Router combination

The Asus CM-32 AC2600 modem is more than a modem, as it also serves as a router. This is convenient, because you know you won’t have issues configuring a separate router. It also saves a tiny bit of space if you’re trying to be minimalist.

Looking at its capability to help you enjoy your gaming experience, the Asus CM-32 AC2600 has an extremely reliable network thanks to its near 1.3Gbps cable speed download. Just like the TP-Link Archer, this modem has a rigid design and looks like it can take a beating.

It’d be hard to find a better modem plus router combination other than this. A modem that supports DOCSIS 3.0 and a dual-band AC2600 Wifi Gigabit router. However, it does come at a price, as it is not the cheapest on our list.

The Asus CM-32 AC2600 (see on Amazon) works seamlessly with the Comcast XFINITY and provides two and fours ports for USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connections respectively. Asides providing interfaces to make life easier for gamers, it is also effortless to set up this modem.


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of features
  • Modem + Router combination


  • Firmware glitches

Motorola MB8600 Cable Modem

Selling point: Usability

One of the few good looking modems on this list, the Motorola MB8600 cable modem promises a maximum speed of about 6Gbps and supports the Comcast Xfinity.

Just like the Asus CM-32 AC2600, the Motorola MB8600 cable modem also supports the ultra-fast DOCSIS 3.1 and has 32×8 support. So you can benefit from one of the fastest connections in the market.

Setting up the Motorola MB8600 is as pleasing as admiring its design. It is easy to set up and works with any router, computer (Windows or Mac) or game station; provided they have an Ethernet port. Hence, you have to make a trade-off for a wireless modem if that is not a priority for you.

The Motorola MB8600 (amazon) is a light modem, both in weight (weighs 1.45 pounds) as well as on your pockets as it is a reasonable price. If you are looking for a beautiful design, a modem that does just fine for gaming and video streaming purposes, then this modem should be on your list.

This modem will also works and has been approved by Comcast Xfinity and Xfinity X1, Cox, and CableOne for all speeds including Comcast Gigabit services and Cox Gigablast.


  • Provides great speeds
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports different cables


  • Not compatible with RCN (internet provider).

Netgear CM600 Cable Modem

Selling point: Price

Here’s another cable modem on this list just like the Motorola MB8600. The Netgear CM600 cable modem is compatible with all cable providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum and Cox.

While the Netgear CM600 cable modem is one of the least powerful modems here, it is capable of providing a good enough gaming experience at a low price. The modem is capable of providing speeds up to 400 Mbs and comes with one Gigabit Ethernet port that you can connect with your computer or video game.

The Netgear CM600 also supports DOCSIS 3.0 but has a 24×8 channel which is lesser than the Motora MB8600’s 32×8 support. The design of this modem is quite amazing, sleek and pleasing to look at; easily movable as it can fit in a small bag.

As you may have noticed from the modems on this list, this modem is also easy to set up. Plug the coax cable into the modem, activate it, plug an Ethernet cable to your video game and you are good to go.

You won’t find many gaming modems cheaper than this, as you can get one for a great price (see the Netgear CM600 on Amazon). However, if you want improved specs without losing the other benefits that come with a Netgear CM series modem, you can also go for the Netgear CM700 (Amazon) or CM1000 (Amazon).


  • Compatible with most ISPs
  • Support for DOCSIS 3.0
  • Cheap


  • Ethernet connection has give some users issues

ARRIS Surfboard SB8200 Modem

Selling point: Performance

ARRIS is a household name when looking at makers of modems and routers. So you can expect a lot of quality from their products. The ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 is definitely of top quality and is worth its price.

If you are looking for top speeds for gaming and video streaming, then this modem should be on your list. It has two Gigabit Ethernet ports that are not just fast, but also reliable.

This modem provides a maximum download speed of 10Gbps and supports a 32×8 channel for the transfer of files through DOCSIS 3.1. The ARRIS SURFboard supports wired connections and works with the major U.S cable internet providers such as Cox, Spectrum and Infinity.

Of all the medium or highly-priced modems on this, the ARRIS modem is just about the most pleasing to look at with its sleek design and lightweight of just about 1.85 pounds. From the price angle, the ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 is quite cheap for the features it offers. You can buy this gaming modem by ARRIS at Amazon. Click here!


  • Easy to set up
  • Great performance
  • Compatible with most ISPs


  • No built-in WiFi router

Linksys AC1900 Modem

Selling point: Usability

The Linksys CG7500 AC1900 modem is one modem that looks aesthetically pleasing, and also lives up to this by providing a pleasant gaming experience. Not created explicitly for gaming purposes like the Asus modems in the list, but it makes this list because of its impressive speed and performance.

The Linksys CG7500 AC1900 modem provides a speed of 1.9Gbps. For the frequency bands, it offers 5GHz and 2.4 GHz for gaming purposes and less demanding tasks such as checking your mail respectively.

If you prefer wired connections, the Linksys CG7500 provides Gigabit Ethernet ports for high speed wired connections. So you can share files at speed ten times faster than Fast Ethernet.

You may want to consider this modem a family modem, but it does an excellent job for gaming purposes too. Hence, if you want an all-in-one ultrafast modem, you should be looking at the Linksys AC1900 modem.

All the features that come with this modem for a good price are entirely worth it, a moderate price for a good modem. See the Linksys AC1900 Modem on Amazon.


  • Easy to set up
  • Good working range


  • Lack of troubleshooting documentation

TP-Link TC-7610 Modem

Selling point: Usability

TP-Link is a popular company when it comes to the making of modems and routers. The TP-Link TC-7610 remains one of their best modems, based on speed, ease of use and design.

With a Gigabit port for fast transfer speeds of up to 343Mbps download and 143Mbps upload, the TP-Link is will surely provide a great gaming experience.

Very few modems are easy to use, and this is one of them. It has distinct LEDs that help you understand the modems working status and is considered trouble-free.

While not wireless, it’s excellent as a wired modem; supporting major cable ISPs including XFINITY, Cox and Spectrum. The TP-Link TC-7610 takes minimal set up time and it is also easy on the pocket; view price at Walmart


  • Easy to use
  • Incredible speed
  • Supports major ISPs


  • Questions over its durability

ARRIS SB6190 Modem

Selling point: Performance

Here’s another ARRIS modem on the list, and the SB6190 is one of the most popular gaming modems in the market. The ARRIS SB6190 was one of the first modems to have the manufacturer promise a 1.4Gbps modem speed, and it has continued to keep top speeds ever since its release.

The ARRIS SB6190 provides a 32×8 channel for the transfer of files, and supports the DOCSIS 3.0. While this modem doesn’t have a WiFi router, it has one Gigabit Ethernet port.

From the angle of cable support, the ARRIS SB6190 supports the major ISPs such as XFINITY, Spectrum, Cox. However, it doesn’t support Verizon or AT&T.

If you are looking for a great gaming modem, capable of stream Ultra-HD videos, then this modem is your best bet. View on Amazon


  • Supports major ISPs
  • Impressive speed
  • Performance


  • Not enough units in the market.

ARRIS Surfboard SBG6782 Modem

Selling point: Features

If you are looking for speed, the ARRIS Surfboard SBG6782 is one modem with the ability to provide all the speed you desire. With a wireless speed of up to 1.7Gbps and cable download speed of up to 343 Mbps, there is enough speed to game all you want.

Aside from the speed, the ARRIS Surfboard SBG6782 also has four Gigabit ports, which is massive when compared to other modems that provide just one. It is also compatible with various operating systems such as MacOS, Windows and Linux.

The ARRIS Surfboard SBG6782 (Check on Amazon) also comes with preset WiFi security to protect your devices from malicious attacks, and provide a trouble free experience. This feature-filled modem it is worth the price. You can use it for other purposes aside from gaming such as HD video streaming, and it will do a good job.


  • Easy to use
  • Impressive speed
  • Feature filled


  • Slightly Pricey

Zoom 5363 Modem

Selling point: Performance

When compared to ARRIS, Netgear, TP-Link, Zoom is not a popular modem or router manufacturer. However, the Zoom 5363 modem is up there competing with the best gaming modems you can find.

The Zoom 5363 modem comes with an 8×4 channel for the transfer of files and support for DOCSIS 3.0. This modem is not just a wired modem, it also supports wireless connections in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands allowing you to play games and also stream HD videos with ease.

The design of the Zoom 5363 modem is quite attractive and sleek, with four LAN ports available and LEDs to indicate the status of the modem. It’s not just the design that is sleek, the speed is too. It is able to reach a top speed of 343 Mbps, which is enough to play games smoothly.

From the price angle, the Zoom 5363 modem (see on Amazon) is quite affordable. However, there are not a lot of units, so you may have to get a fairly used modem if you want one.


  • Cheap
  • Great design
  • Feature filled


  • Poor temperature control

NETGEAR C7800 Modem

Selling point: Performance

Talk about leaving the best for the last, the Netgear C7800 modem is the most expensive modem on this list, and it also provides huge performance that justifies its price.

Firstly, this modem is compatible with all major cable internet providers such as XFINITY, Cox and Spectrum. It also provides wireless usage at a distance of 3000 square feet from the modem and allowing up to 45 devices to connect.

The Netgear C7800 is a modem + router combination which makes it more powerful. It comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports to allow fast connections to your video game or computer. The device’s 32×8 channel for transfer of files and support for DOCSIS 3.1 ensure that it is a performant modem, providing mind-blowing speeds for all purposes.

From the price angle, the Netgear C7800 modem is quite expensive. However, if you will take full advantage of its performance and features, you shouldn’t be put off by the price. If you’re truly looking for the best modem to make sure your gaming experience is fast – this is the gaming modem for you. Buy the Netgear C7800 on Amazon Here.


  • Easy to use
  • Incredible speed
  • Works across long distances


  • Expensive

What is a Gaming Modem?

A modem is a device that allows a computer to connect to the internet. A gaming modem will work for all your other internet needs, but the best modems for gaming will have strong connections that go fast. You don’t want to lag out of match on Fortnite or have connectivity issues while playing your MMORPG.

The best modems for gaming will be lightning fast and solid connections. In first person shooters even a moment of lag or slow connection can ruin a match.

Best Gaming Modems Will Be…

Let’s take a moment to look over the things you’ll need from a modem to ensure that your gaming experience is good as it can be.

  • Fast – The best modems won’t hold your internet service back, but give you the fastest speed. This will ensure that not only your games run as smooth as possible, but you’ll also be able to upload or download things quickly from the internet.
  • Compatible with Router – You want to make sure that your modem is compatible with your router. Most of the gaming modems will work with the popular routers, and so you shouldn’t have an issue. If you don’t want to deal with a router can choose to purchase a modem that combines with a router.
  • Solid Connection – The more expensive, but also best gaming modems have the newest technology such as DOCSIS 3.1 to ensure that you stay connected and continue to have fast internet.

What gaming modem should you choose?

There’s four factors that you need to consider when you’re in the market for a new modem. These will guide you in your decision…

Modem & Router Separate or Combined

Sometimes you already own a router and you just need a modem, and so it makes since to buy a router by itself. But if you’re looking for convenience it can be nice to have a modem/router combo. Frees up space, and they are guaranteed to work together.

Compatibility with Internet Provider

Make sure the modem you’re buying works with your internet provider. Usually you can read this in the modem specifications, but you can check with your internet provider too.

Upload & download speeds

Check with your ISP to see what internet package you’re on. You want to get a modem that isn’t bottle necking your internet, but going as fast as the ISP package you have.

Brand & price

Don’t go too cheap, and purchase a modem from a brand no one has heard of. If you have any problems with it you’ll have a difficult time finding troubleshooting help on the internet. You can get a good gaming modem for a decent price, but you want to make sure it will go fast enough for your needs.

How to Install your Gaming Modem

It’s really simple. Just plug it in and set up the settings with your computer. Most modems come with simple instructions to follow. You probably will need to call your internet service provider to authorize the new modem, but this is a common service they perform.

This is the ARRIS Surfboard modem being installed. Other modems will follow a similar setup.


There are a lot of modems out there, and while most will do fine for basic connections, only a few are suitable for gaming purposes. In this article, ten modems were looked at; with each modem having its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking to get a gaming modem, a lot of factors come to play. Some of them are your budget, the kind of games you want to play and your gaming status (professional or hobbyist). From the modems discussed, you should be able to find a suitable modem that can provide the great gaming experience you desire.

Got a modem in mind that’s not on this list? Share it with us on Twitter @HeyYouVideoGame and don’t forget to share this article.


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