The Best Escape from Tarkov Monitor

escape from tarkov monitorThe greatest Escape from Tarkov players have excellent monitors and gear that help them be the very best. Using the best Escape from Tarkov monitor will only aide you in being great this game. The best gaming monitors on the market are 144Hz. Using a 144Hz monitor is the standard amongst top level E-Sport gamers and popular streamers. A good 144Hz monitor allows your game to run smoother which in turn will help you with your aim. The best players on Escape from Tarkov may differ in what model they choose to use, but none of the top Escape from Tarkov players use a regular 60Hz monitor. Size also varies between players, but most choose to go with a 24″ over the larger 27″. For many people a 27″ monitor is too much space to scan with their eyes quickly.

A 144Hz monitor means that the picture on the screen will update itself 144 times a second. Obviously this gives the user an advantage while in a Factory gun fight, because the image will be smooth as you aim at enemy players and Scavs.

The Best Escape from Tarkov Monitor

benq best pubg monitorOur belief is that the best choice for an Escape from Tarkov monitor is the BenQ XL2430T monitor. While its price is not cheap it has a super quality panel, image, and even the finish is well done. The BenQ XL2430T also includes extra features such as the Black eQualizer, which will help you spot enemy players and scavs that are sitting in dark areas of the map. The Escape from Tarkov streamer BreakinSkullz uses this monitor.

The best monitor for Escape from Tarkov is a 144Hz monitor, but if cash is tight right now and you are looking for something less expensive you could purchase the ASUS VG248QE. This 144Hz monitor will still deliver awesome quality for less money.

Finally the cheapest 144Hz monitor that will get the job done is LG’s 24GM77-B. The actual monitor itself is not the best quality, nor is it the fanciest, but it will fulfill the 144Hz needs that Escape from Tarkov demands. The streamer Ryuujinn uses this monitor and he wrecks people left and right. Clearly this monitor can meet the needs of a competitive Escape from Tarkov player.

These are the Escape from Tarkov monitors that we recommend. If you make the jump from 60Hz to 144Hz your gameplay we guarantee that you’ll see a bump upwards in gameplay. We hope that you’re pleased with the monitor that you choose! See you out there!


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