Episode 26 – Define MMO, Game Critics, Banished

BanishedVirindi Puppet dished out homework on this one. Prior to this episode we watched/listened to the following. You don’t have to watch these videos prior this podcast episode, but it’ll give it even more context.

Skylent’s YouTube Video “MMO Sites are Lying for Money


VideoGameDunkey YouTube Video “Game Critics

It was a hot episode where we (once again!) dove into the semantics of what constitutes a MMO, and why it’s hard to define. It makes it increasingly hard to define when gaming journalists and media benefits from a looser term. We talk about the role of game critics after viewing Dunkey’s video.

Lastly, Gimmick tells us about his new favorite city builder sim. It’s called Banished, and he’s hot hot hot over it. The finale of this episode is Gimmick and Puppet sparring over whether Escape from Tarkov deserves their gaming time.


  • MMO Definition Discussion – 4 min 50 sec mark
  • Game Critics in the Video Game World Conversation – 19 min mark
  • Gimmick Sharing about the city builder video game Banished – 46 min 35 sec mark
  • Escape from Tarkov Debate – 56 min 20 sec mark

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