Episode 27 – Asheron’s Call

Asherons CallIt’s all Asheron’s Call on this one. We love Asheron’s Call, and it will always have a special place in our hearts. We brought on two avid AC players (Tee Ess and LOLcifer) to share stories, talk about the scene since the official servers were taken down, and converse about what made this game so great.

If you’ve never played Asheron’s Call before – we apologize for all the jargon. We tried to explain some of the terms and systems that were unique to AC, but I’m sure that some parts may be confusing for you.

For those of you who enjoyed (or still enjoy) AC as much as we do, we hope you get a kick out of this podcast episode! We’ll have another AC episode in the future (specifically on Darktide) so if you have any great PvP stories make sure to hit us up.

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