5 Tips on Winning PUBG’s Chicken Dinner

Have you been playing PUBG (playerunknown’s battlegrounds) and still haven’t won a game? Are you hungry for a chicken dinner? It’s incredibly satisfying when you finally win a game knowing that you are the last man alive. We want to help you get to #1 and so here are five tips on how to win PUBG’s chicken dinner.

1. Don’t Parachute Into Popular Drops

Landing your parachute into Pochinki, the School, or any location directly below the plane’s trajectory ensures that you’ll find yourself in an exciting gun fight. The problem is that early game fights often lead to early game death. Landing into highly populated areas does not necessarily mean that you’ll find a weapon right away. Nothing is worse than dying, because you landed into a war zone and can’t find a proper weapon. Work on landing into areas that are farther away from the plane’s path, and in areas that are less likely to have players in.

2. Early Game’s Focus is on Looting

Once you’ve landed in an area that (hopefully) has zero other players, you need to focus on looting. If you don’t find yourself in the first circle come up with a plan on how you’ll get to the circle (find a car/boat or run). Once you have a plan (or you’re in the circle) go quickly looting guns, ammo, medicine, mods, scopes, and armor. If you are certain that no other players are around than put away your weapon, because you can run faster as you collect loot. It is important to focus on listening for incoming players on foot or vehicle.

3. Ask yourself, “What’s the benefit of engaging the enemy?”

As you move from early to mid to late game you’ll begin to spot or be spotted by the enemy. Every time you see an enemy player you must ask yourself, “what’s the benefit of engaging the enemy?” You should only engage the enemy

  • if you’re life is in danger
  • you’re highly likely to win the fight
  • you desperately need loot
  • you know exactly where you will move to once the fight is over

4. In the Final Circles, Shoot Very Little

The reason why many people die at the end of the game is that they get gun crazy. The circles are smaller, more players are in sight, and bloodlust sets in. The problem with firing your gun every chance you get during the last circles is that with every shot you are giving your position away. While you may be able to get a few kills by firing at players who are out in the open you are also announcing exactly where you are to the other 15 players that are still alive. Are you trying to win the chicken dinner or get lots of kills? Your aim should be on getting to the final circle without being seen.

5. Medicate Before the Final Battle

By the end of the game you may find yourself with a stack of energy drinks and painkillers. If you discover that you are one of three people left in the game use some of your energy drinks and painkillers. Always keep one of each, but if you have extra use them so that even if you take a hit from an enemy you won’t need to take the time later to fill up.

We hope that these 5 tips will help you as you play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. We love PUBG even when we aren’t winning, but it’s even more fun when you get PUBG’s chicken dinner.

What tips to do you have for winning PUBG’s chicken dinner? Share them on the comments below or in our Facebook community!


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