4 Tips on Actually Escaping from Tarkov

how to escape from tarkovEscape from Tarkov is getting more and more players as the game gets more polished. It’s an intense shooter that is tons of fun, but has a steep learning curve. Like any game, it’s more fun when you are winning or in this case – escaping from Tarkov. Here are 4 tips on actually escaping from Tarkov.

1. Don’t Get Greedy

If you’re anything like me, the moment you shoot down an enemy scav or player you’ll want to sprint to the body to scavenge for loot. Does he have a helmet? What’s he storing in that backpack? Will I pick up some rare gear? The problem is we rush for loot without surveying the area. The questions you should be asking before you start searching through the body’s pockets are…

  • Am I certain there are no enemies around?
  • Do I have a teammate who can take watch while I loot?
  • Where will I move once I have looted?

If you can’t say with 90% confidence that you can loot without getting killed than you shouldn’t loot yet. Find a teammate to guard you or explore the nearby area to make sure that it is free from scavs and enemies before you loot.

One last point – if you’ve got a sufficient amount of gear/loot from killing enemies start making your way to extraction. Don’t go hunting down more enemies so that you can fill your last two pockets.

2. Find the Factory Key

When I first started playing Escape from Tarkov I was under the impression that there was only exit out of the Factory Map. It’s true that there is only one exit for those beginning the game, but upon looting the factory key there are 4 total exits. The key allows you to extract from multiple exits, and can be a huge lifesaver if the main exit is being camped.

You may be asking – where can I find this key? The factory key can be found in three different ways.

  1. Scavs can drop the key. Start grinding through scavs and pray that one of them has the key stowed away in its pack.
  2. Containers drop them randomly.
  3. Go to customs map and head to the dorms. Look left of the main entrance when you’re on the bottom floor of the bigger building. You’ll find a room with file cabinets and a table with a TV on it. It’s incredibly rare, but occasionally the key will spawn next to the TV.

3. Learn the Map in Offline Mode First

Did you know that there is an offline mode to this game? During offline mode you play through maps with only AI scavs and cannot lose your loot if you die. The downside is that any loot you get during an offline mode doesn’t stay with you after extraction. Offline mode is easier than online, and is perfect for moving around the map and learning all the ins and outs. Walk through the map and find all the extraction areas and paths to move around the map.

4. Play with Friends

The game drastically changes when you start playing with others, and having at least one extra set of eyes can save your neck. Find others to play with and learn to communicate well. Groups that work well together increase their chances of escaping tarkov exponentially. If you need people to play with we suggest looking on the Escape from Tarkov official forums.

Those are our 4 tips on how to actually escape from Tarkov. What tip would you give? Tell us in the comments below or join the discussion in our Facebook group!



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