3 Reasons Why Next Day: Survival is Worth $10

Next Day SurvivalIt’s no secret that we here at HEY YOU VIDEO GAME love survival games. The survival genre is new and fresh, and original titles are arriving fast and quick. We don’t have time to play them all, but we sure do try! Recently a survival game called Next Day: Survival went on sale at the steam store for $9.99. It’s an early access game (which can be a gamble), but we threw the dice and we’re glad we did. It’s not the best game in the world, but we think its well worth the price. Here are 3 reasons why Next Day: Survial is worth $10

1. The Factions are Fun

After a few short quests you have the option to choose between two factions, the looters or civilians. There’s also a third faction that you are placed in if you kill a player from your same faction called the traitors. The three factions (looters, civilians, traitors) have different bases, and are at odds with one another. PvP is an integral part of the game, and you can feel the tension while you explore, loot, and quest. The reward for killing another person can be well worth it, because you’re able to loot ALL of their gear. Nothing is sweeter than getting the jump on another player and walking away with you bags full of their gear.

2. It’s Not Just About Surviving

Survival is in the name of this game, but there’s also a simple quest line. NPC’s in town will hand out quests to retrieve items, kill enemy NPC’s, and explore areas of the map. While other survival games focus only on trying to find food, water, gear, and shelter, Next Day: Survival adds more purpose to their game missions. While the missions aren’t always the most exciting tasks they give you as a player something more to do than drink water and eat crackers in town. They’ll also force more PvP interactions, because you’ll be called to explore all regions of the map!

3. The Guitar Guy Jams

Guitar Guy Next Day SurvivalLoad into the very first base, and you’ll see a roaring fire with a guitar holding man sitting around for warmth. Walk over to him, and you’ll begin to hear his wonderful music grow louder and louder and louder. This guy just chills around the fire all day jamming on his guitar! Looking for a peaceful moment from the stress of real life. Grab yourself a bottled water, a can of tuna, and take a seat! Let his powerful tune wash over you. It’s a real treat.

Next Day: Survival is a simple game of surviving and running missions. It’s shooting mechanic is lacking, and the AI can be too powerful. There’s glitches that force you to relog occasionally, but amidst its simpleness & pre-access flaws it’s a fun game. Do you have $10 and are looking for a fun game? We’d recommend Next Day: Survival. You won’t regret it!

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