15 Thoughts on Escape From Tarkov

thoughts for escape from tarkovWe’ve been playing Escape from Tarkov most nights of the week, and have slowly become better at the game. One of our teammates (Virindi Puppet) wanted to help others get better and so he put together 15 thoughts on Escape from Tarkov that will hopefully help you on your journey of becoming a badass at Escape from Tarkov.

Speaking the Same Language

  • Tarkov is a game that requires constant, effective, communication.
  • In order to move quickly and safely through a map you must know the call outs, of which there are many for each map.
  • Call outs differ between squads, therefore you need to check your call outs before the round to make sure you are all on the same page.  Ideally, you can play with the same team night after night and learn how to quickly discern each others’ location and plays.

Learning the Meta

  • The healing system in Tarkov is tedious, and you must practice healing quickly in the middle of a firefight.
  • There are a half dozen different types of meds available to use in different situations, and they need to be applied to different types of wounds on different limbs.
  • Reloading is clunky, and you need to know how many mags to bring, and how to use your ammo stacks quickly and efficiently.  If you bring two mags and drop one, you will not be able to survive a competitive firefight: bring three mags, and make sure you have a slot in your vest for the mag in your gun or you will drop it.
  • Movement on maps in Tarkov is complicated and needs time to learn. Maps are designed to allow flanking vertically (there is no fall damage) as well as horizontally across short and long distances. Learn these flanking routes, and                               learn how to communicate them quickly to your squad.
  • There is a C + Scroll graduated crouch function that will allow you to access hidden peeking/sniping locations throughout the maps.
  • Learn the snipe locations and how to use them by quickly scroll crouching.
  • Learn the meta for confusing scavs: jiggling (Q, E), zigzagging (mouse pointing), one-step sprinting (double-tap Left Shift), and bobbing (A, D) during firefights will interfere with the scavs’ predictive targeting.

Loving the Guns

  • As we talked in our podcast, the gun play in Tarkov is some of the best, and most realistic, gun play out there.
  • Play around with different guns and try out the mods.
  • There’s a lot to learn, but through trial and error or asking more experienced players, you can become familiar with the complex modding system, and it will increase the fun you have in this game exponentially.
  • Level up your vendors in order to access different guns and mods.
  • Try out all of the guns and mod variations in order to keep the game feeling fresh.

Do you have some thoughts on Escape from Tarkov that can help other players out? You can also see more tips on Escape from Tarkov here. Share them in the comments below or join the discussion in our Facebook Community!

Update**** We tried to showcase these tips in a video. Keyword is TRIED. Check it out here! 


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